ALL’APERTO presents Liliana Moro

Liliana Moro, 29,88 SQ KM, 2015. Permanent installation. Courtesy of Fondazione Zegna ALL’APERTO. Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani.

Liliana Moro
29,88 SQ KM

From October 3, 2015

Opening: Saturday, October 3, 2:30pm
Featuring a special live audio-guided tour of the permanent installations by Liliana Moro, open to all participants.

Piazza della Repubblica
13835 Trivero (BI)

Thursday, October 1, 6:30pm
“Public Art”: a conversation with Liliana Moro, Stefano Arienti, Alberto Garutti and the curators.
Moderated by Anna Detheridge.

Teatro Agorà, Triennale
Viale Alemagna 6

Fondazione Zegna presents the seventh edition of ALL’APERTO, curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia.

29,88 SQ KM, a new project by Liliana Moro, will open on Saturday 3 October 2015 in Trivero (BI), Italy.

Moro defines her work for the 2015 edition of ALL’APERTO as a “welcome facility.” The title corresponds with the extension of the municipality of Trivero, mapped by artist with the careful attention of a cartographer, in order to turn it into a public sculpture and a talking chart. 29,88 SQ KM is divided into two parts, a few hundred meters away from each other: a new info-point located at the town’s entrance, and an intervention on the Pro Loco office, endowed with an interactive map featuring sounds recorded by the artist.

The most visible presence is the info-point located in the roundabout of Piazza della Repubblica, renovated for the occasion. With its pentagonal shape, the structure calls to mind the newsstands of the past, as it was created to spread news. Through a series of digital displays, it provides information about the initiatives promoted by the City Council, the weather conditions and the events scheduled in the Oasi Zegna. Inside, it holds a small workstation, which, on the occasion of local initiatives,will become a public help desk run by the volunteers of the Pro Loco association. On the glass walls, one finds a series of blown-up images of animals commonly found in the surrounding woods and mountains, which the artist appropriated from the Oasi’s wildlife guide, illustrated by Daniela Costa. After dark, when they are backlit, these colorful figures transform the pavilion into a giant magic lantern, crowned with a bright yellow globe.

A twin globe lights up on the façade of the nearby tourist office whenever it is open to the public. The artist has refurbished and reorganized its premises in collaboration with the members of the association. Inside, she installed a “talking” three-dimensional map, modeled after the altimetric diagram of the Trivero area. By pressing a button, a set of small lights identifies the position of the permanent installations by Daniel Buren, Alberto Garutti, Stefano Arienti, Roman Signer, Marcello Maloberti, and Dan Graham created to date for ALL’APERTO, while Moro’s voice—mimicking the old coin-operated “audiophones”—brings us to their discovery. Each “guide” is associated with a distinctive sound, developed in collaboration with electro musician Tommaso Previdi. Moro interprets the works of these preceding artists with the “professional” tone of a broadcaster, but she also describes them in a personal way, with sensitivity and imagination, thus bringing a fresh look to the projects. Sound is a favored medium for Moro, who in the past has created installations and sculptures using megaphones, loudspeakers and tape recorders—technologies once cloaked with the sparkling aura of the “new,” whose rapid obsolescence is always lurking nearby.

29,88 SQ KM will be documented by a catalogue published and distributed by Mousse, with texts by Anna Zegna and Andrea Zegna, as well as a conversation between Liliana Moro, Barbara Casavecchia and Vincenzo De Bellis (Director PeepHole, Milan). ALL’APERTO is under the patronage of the City of Trivero, the Province of Biella and the Piedmont Region.

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