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Border Crossings 
Vol. 35  No. 2, issue 138

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Border Crossings publishes its largest issue ever. It is a Special Issue on art and architecture and the intersection that rides between the two disciplines. For this topic Border Crossings Editor Meeka Walsh collaborated with two Consulting Editors: Eduardo Aquino and Neil Minuk.

The issue focuses on the idea of Influence and here we looked at three key international figures: Paulo Mendes da Rocha who just won the Lion d’Or at the Venice Architecture Exhibition; Phyllis Lambert, founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montréal, who was awarded the Lion d’Or in 2014; and Alvin Boyarsky, the Canadian architect who was the legendary Director of the AA in London, UK.

The issue contains a pride of architects and designers and theorists from around the world: Peter Cook, Nat Chard, Indra Kagis McEwen, Pierre Bélanger, Adrian Blackwell, Adele Weder, Peter Sealy, John Shnier and many others.

Art meets architecture in the work of Carlos Bunga; Christian Giroux and Daniel Young; Monika Sosnowska, Przemek Pyszczek; Natalija Subotincic; Carlos Rueda; Anne Cormier; and in the rhapsodic photographs of Geoffrey James who turned his lens to the architecture of Jože Plečnik.  

We look at the loftiest but often unrealized dream projects of three architectural practices: Kohn Shnier, Toronto, Atelier Big City, Montréal and marc boutin architectural collaborative inc., Calgary.
We asked 10 architects from architecture schools across Canada to list their Perfect Seven favourites: books, art, films and houses.

The issue considers the uses to which architects turn their attention—from the social architecture of Gregory Henriquez in Vancouver to the gross misuses in the application of architecture in the design and construction of gas chambers.

The issue includes Artist Pages by Montréal artist and architect Jacques Bilodeau and our usual broad range of reviews includes Sky Glabush, the biography of Agnes Martin, Álvaro Siza, Adam McEwen, Gathie Falk, Takashi Iwasaki and many others.

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Border Crossings issue 138 out now

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