Contemporary And (C&) launches C& América Latina magazine

Left: Satch Hoyt, Hair Combing Cycle 1530, Museo la Tertulia 2017. Performance. Photo: Breyner Huertas. Courtesy of the organizers. Right: View of Zózimo Bulbul, Alma no Olho. Photo: José Antonio Ventura. Video installation. Agora somos todxs negrxs?, Videobrasil 2017. Photo: Pedro Napolitano Prata.

Launch of C& América Latina—focusing on the connections between Afro-Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa
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Contemporary And (C&) is an art magazine and a dynamic space where issues and information on international art from African perspectives are reflected and connected. Since its launch 2013 C& has become a globally read magazine focusing on Africa and the Diaspora with weekly features, reviews, interviews and a constantly growing international network of writers and contributors.

Since 2015 C& has been addressing the ties between Africa, Afro-Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2016 C& published its first print issue in South America dedicated to the Afro-Brazilian art scene. The new magazine, C& América Latina now provides a whole new platform for the important Afro-Latin American and Caribbean as well as African and African Diaspora perspectives. The online art magazine will be presenting features, essays, interviews, reviews, news and opportunities concerned with the many connections, shared experiences and differences in the respective contemporary art practices.

The online launch edition brings together different perspectives from artist like Adriana Bustos who is talking about the “disappearance of the black” in Argentinian identity; over young Black, Chinese and Native graffiti artists in Peru exploring their roots; to the legacy of priest-artist Mestre Didi. Cultural theorists and artists such as Regina José Galindo, Walter Mignolo, Jaime Laurano and Rosana Paulino share their thoughts concerning their practices and approaches.

C& América Latina is thrilled to publish its new content in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.
C& América Latina is published by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) and the Goethe-Institut.

Contemporary And (C&) launches C& América Latina magazine

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