Create Ireland presents HEED FM by Garrett Phelan

HEED FM – Ballyfermot Horsepower, 2016. Digital print.

HEED FM by Garrett Phelan

October 22–November 18, 2016
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by artist Garrett Phelan is a 28 day anonymous sound broadcast portrait created through conversations with individuals and groups from across the class divide including all genders and all ethnic backgrounds aged 18 to 25 that live in the Greater Dublin Area, Ireland. It is an independent, temporary FM radio station licensed by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland.

The month long FM radio and web broadcast is a constant stream of conversation without music, advertisements, news, presenters, weather, time or jingles. It presents recordings made over an 8 month period with a generation of young people whose opinions and beliefs are rarely heard in the public domain and who lack national institutional advocacy on their behalf. HEED FM shuns pre-conceptions and de-sensationalizes this generation without judgment, giving time and voice to the ambitions, aspirations and passions of those that took part.

HEED FM exploits the creative potential of radio, manipulating the medium’s potentials for intimacy, anonymity, collective reception and truth. A core intention of this work is to enhance an understanding of radio as a sculptural form that can travel, communicate, and transmit through most obstacles, removing the psychological, social and physical boundaries that can surround contemporary art, redefining the functionality of the art object and the potential of art in public spaces.

All of those that contributed to HEED FM were also invited to contribute creative work as part of the branding of the project, the resulting artworks can be viewed on, all contributions are included in advertising and promotional material and no editorial framework was applied.

Garrett Phelan makes site-specific projects that include independent FM radio broadcasts, sculptural installations, photography, film, animation and drawing. He has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally, with recent solo shows at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2015; IMMA, Dublin 2012; and group exhibitions at EVA International 2014; Palais des Beau-Arts de Bruxelles 2013; ICA, London 2012; 11th Lyon Biennial, 2011.

HEED FM will live stream on from October 22 through November 18, 2016. The station will run for 24 hours, 7 days a week over a 28 day period.

For press enquiries please email:

Create—associate organisation for broadcast licence.
HEED FM is an Open Call National Project in ART: 2016: The Arts Council’s programme as part of Ireland 2016.

Create Ireland presents HEED FM by Garrett Phelan

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