DLECTRICITY debuts in Detroit

Photo by Tsz Yan Ng. Design by Tsz Yan Ng with Helena Kang & Justin Kollar. Courtesy of Tsz Yan Ng ©.


October 5–6, 2012

Detroit’s First “Nuit Blanche” Event Happening Concurrent
to the New York and Paris “Nuit Blanche” Festivals


Inspired by nighttime arts festivals from around the world, DLECTRICITY, Detroit’s new nighttime, contemporary light art festival, will host 35 local, national and international artists whose cutting edge works of art and installations will illuminate the historic architecture of Midtown on October 5 and 6, 2012. A complete listing of DLECTRICITY artists and events may be found at www.DLECTRICITY.com.

Detroit is the latest city to become an international art destination and DLECTRICITY will feature works by Detroit’s own art community, national and international artists from locations as far as Japan, Iceland, and Berlin, as well as New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. Renowned artists and artwork to be featured at DLECTRICITY include Evan Roth, The Legacy Lives On; NBNY, Garfield Lofts Projection; Jacco Olivier, Whale; Tabaimo, dolefullhouse; Sarah Rara, A Ray Array; and Yvette Mattern, Laser Starship. Other featured artists, performers and designers include Biba Bell, Marcos Zotes, Graem Whyte, Melanie Manos, RogueHAA, D MET Design, and more.

DLECTRICITY will feature 35 projects throughout the Woodward corridor, located at the Detroit Institute of Arts, College for Creative Studies, MOCAD, Detroit Public Library, the Rackham Building, Michigan Science Center, Sugar Hill Arts District and more.

“Midtown Detroit’s amazing cultural and architectural assets have always been core to the continued growth and development of the neighborhood,” said Sue Mosey, president of Midtown Detroit, Inc. “Events like these not only remind people of these historic gems but capture everyone’s imagination for what’s possible in the future.”

The DLECTRICITY Curatorial Committee received more than 200 submissions through an open call for entry process, and from that, the committee selected 25 projects and performances. In addition, curatorial committee members invited 10 local and international artists specializing in light and technology projects to bring their expertise to DLECTRICITY.

“The number and quality of project submissions has been extraordinary,” said Marsha Miro, Founding Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) and head of the DLECTRICITY Curatorial Committee. “We can’t wait to see the city literally light up with the creative energy that continues to help shape Detroit.”

Other DLECTRICITY curatorial committee members included Larry Baranski of the Detroit Institute of Arts, George N’Namdi of N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, Michelle Perron of College for Creative Studies and Marc Schwartz of Art Detroit Now.

“In many ways the eyes of the contemporary art world are on Detroit at this moment in our history,” said Marc Schwartz, chairman of Art Detroit Now. “With Paris and New York light festivals happening simultaneously, that interest and attention will only be amplified.”

DLECTRICITY will happen concurrently to the “Nuit Blanche” festivals in New York and Paris, and will be Detroit’s first “Nuit Blanche” event. “Nuit Blanche” events are renowned throughout the world for bringing the best of contemporary light and technology based arts to the streets of major cities like Toronto, Paris, Minneapolis, Miami and New York. Produced by Midtown Detroit, Inc. and Art Detroit Now, the name for the event was inspired by Detroit’s very own Electric Park, which was located on the site of what is now Gabriel Richard Park. From 1906 until 1928, Detroit Electric Park served as a major attraction, beginning as a trolley park and later expanding into an amusement park with the development of electrification.

DLECTRICITY will be held Friday, October 5, from 7pm to midnight; and Saturday, October 6, from 7pm to 2am. A complete listing of DLECTRICITY artists, projects and events can be found at www.DLECTRICITY.comwww.facebook.com/Dlectricity / Twitter @DLECTRICITY.

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