Fondazione Zegna presents the third edition of ALL'APERTO

ALL’APERTO presents Stefano Arienti edition of ALL’APERTO

ALL’APERTO presents Stefano Arienti

Following Daniel Buren and Alberto Garutti,
a new project by Stefano Arienti,
I Telepati (The Telepathists), opening September 24th, 2011.

Fondazione Zegna
Via Marconi 23
13835 Trivero, (BI)

The artwork Stefano Arienti has set out to realize in Trivero (Biella) for the contemporary art project ALL’APERTO, curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia, is, as the artist defines it, a “usable sculpture”. I Telepati (The Telepathists)—this is its title—will spread across the town’s territory in different ways.

.Like new technology.

The work’s invisible core is a large infrastructure providing a service for the community: a free Wi-Fi connection accessible from different locations across the Municipality. A diffused presence, constantly activated and made “participative” by its collective use.

.Like a sculpture.

In some of the areas reached by the Wi-Fi signal, I Telepati (The Telepathists) will take on the role of “tutelary deities,” permanently marking the territory. Creating a short-circuit between past and future, and ancient and hi-tech materials, Arienti transformed some large local river stones, moulded by time, into roughly hewed and painted heads. The artist placed the heads so that they would camouflage among fencings and green areas. “I liked the idea of assembling a dull material like stone and the Internet, as if the sculptures may embody the concept of immaterial communication, a very ancient dream of humanity”, explains the artist. ”I Telepati is a playful title, an invitation to fantasise on these thinking heads, a representation of an ancestral and crystallized energy freed by art”.

On Saturday September 24th, day of the opening of I Telepati (The Telepathists), Arienti will coordinate the realization of a great collective drawing, created with the help of local children and their families, in an area close to the indoor market in Ponzone.

It will be the last step of a process by which Arienti involved in the project the students from Trivero’s secondary schools, inviting them to spread the news and to draw with him the imaginary faces of I Telepati. This action will leave a visible sign of the immaterial presence of the Wi-Fi signal; a temporary sign, though, that will quickly melt into the urban landscape.

For the opening, CasaZegna will be home to an exhibition, open until October 16th; besides documenting with photos and videos the entire process that has led to the elaboration of the project, the show will also present a new intervention by Stefano Arienti and a selection of drawings by Trivero’s Middle School students.

The project ALL’APERTO is under the patronage of the Municipality of Trivero, the Province of Biella, and the Piedmont Region.


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