Galeria OMR presents Julieta Aranda at ABC Berlin 19–22 Sept 2013

The knot is not (the rope), 2013. Modeling paste, air cured clay, casting resin.

Julieta Aranda
The knot is not (the rope)

September 19–22, 2013

abc Art Berlin Contemporary 2013
Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6 10963
Berlin, Germany

OMR gallery is pleased to announce its participation at ABC Berlin with the individual presentation The knot is not (the rope) by Julieta Aranda.

Booth A 15
September 19–22, 2013

The knot….The knot is not the rope, but my tongue is tied

Case in point: Because accumulation is not conscious—it just happens—here is a collection of useless things. Stubbornly holding on, insisting on their materiality, even though their use value has been completely exhausted.

As efficient as dull blades, overstaying the welcome that was tended to their existence. The telephone is broken, cannot be turned on anymore. So one wonders about the liminal existence of the words thumbed through it, and of the words that were thumbed back in response. Across the ether. All that is solid, is solid. And all that never was? What happens to the knots in a rope, once the rope becomes invisible?

A rope is a toy. Write that down, make a note, make a knot, tie it around your finger. A rope is a weapon. Twisted technology—running 500 meters of cord along the sea—the implications of power within the ability to draw a single, horizontal straight line.

Knotting—weightless, mathematical, geometric, metaphysical, conceptual impossibilities, tied momentarily into this vanishing rope, frayed to breaking point. If the rope is gone, how will I know when I make a mistake?



Central to Aranda’s multidimensional practice is her involvement with circulation mechanisms and the idea of a “poetics of circulation”; the possibility of a politicized subjectivity through the perception and use of time, and the notion of power over the imaginary.

Julieta Aranda’s work has been exhibited internationally in venues such as Witte de With (2013), Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genova (2013), ArtPostions, Miami Basel (2012), MACRO Roma (2012) Documenta 13 (2012), N.B.K. (2012), Gwangju Biennial (2012), Venice Biennial (2011), Stroom den Haag (2011), “Living as form,” Creative Time, NY (2011), Istanbul Biennial (2011), Portikus, Frankfurt (2011), New Museum (2010), Solomon Guggenheim Museum (2009), New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY (2010), Kunstverein Arnsberg (2010), MOCA Miami (2009), Witte de With (2010), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2007), 2nd Moscow Biennial (2007) MUSAC, Spain (2010 and 2006), and VII Havanna Biennial; amongst others.

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