NOME presents Kirsten Stolle’s Proceed at Your Own Risk

Kirsten Stolle, Protecting Its Own Tail, 2013. Collage on magazine advertisement, 22 x 28 cm. Courtesy of NOME.

Kirsten Stolle: Proceed at Your Own Risk 

February 16–April 8, 2017 

Opening: February 15, 6pm

Dolziger Straße 31
10247 Berlin
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 3–7pm

NOME is pleased to present Kirsten Stolle’s first solo exhibition in Europe, Proceed at Your Own Risk.

Kirsten Stolle examines the global influence of chemical companies on our food supply and explores the connection between corporate interests and public health. Using post-WWII America as her stage, Stolle’s collages, drawings and site-responsive installations investigate corporate propaganda, environmental politics and biotechnology.

In her debut exhibition at NOME, the artist presents two bodies of work: “Monsanto Intervention,” a series of redacted and collaged Monsanto Chemical Company magazine advertisements; and “Animal Pharm,” collages responding to the controversial use of genetic modification in animals by the pharmaceutical industry. 

Using source materials such as 20th century medical books, agricultural catalogs and mid-century magazine advertisements, Stolle’s collages confront industry narratives. In “Monsanto Intervention,” Stolle reconstructs post-war magazine advertisements to reframe company messaging and reveal true agendas. Her altered, and often poetic texts, also hint at historical events, their blacked-out omissions recalling official documents redacted by the US government. 

Playing off George Orwell’s dystopian fable Animal Farm, the “Animal Pharm” collages critique the use of genetic engineering to produce pharmaceuticals within host animals. Stolle’s cut-outs of medical equipment and agricultural imagery, suggest odd yet nearly believable environments. Engaged in uncovering the role of corporate influence on our health, Stolle’s work invites attention and offers an opportunity for considered dialogue.

Kirsten Stolle (b. 1967, Massachusetts) is a visual artist working in collage, drawing and site-responsive installation. Her research-based practice is grounded in the investigation of corporate and government propaganda, environmental politics and biotechnology. Her work is included in the collections of the San Jose Museum of Art, CA, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN, and the Crocker Art Museum, CA. Select US solo exhibitions include the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, NC, The Turchin Center for the Visual Art, NC and Dolby Chadwick Gallery, CA. Her work has been published in Poetry Magazine, Made in Mind, SLICE, Spolia Literary Magazine, New American Paintings, among others. She currently lives and works in Marshall, North Carolina, USA. 

Founded in 2015, NOME operates between art, politics, and technology. By exploring the nodes of entanglements between these fields, NOME aims to raise critical awareness of the crucial issues facing our age.

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NOME presents Kirsten Stolle’s Proceed at Your Own Risk

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