Stockholm konst launches international art competition

Left: Jonas Dahlberg, The Mirror, 2015. 16.5 x 9.5 m rotating mirror-wall with embedded LED lights. Photo: Mats Liliequist. Middle: Tilda Lovell, Flora and Fauna, 2010. 6 m high, colored polyester, glass fiber and metal. Photo: Mats Liliequist. Right: OSGEMEOS, 2017. spray paint. Photo: Mattias Ek. All images © Stockholm konst.

International art competition

Stockholm konst 
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The City of Stockholm, Sweden, has launched a SEK 16 million competition to create world-class public art in Vårberg, one of the city’s southern suburbs. The competition is Stockholm’s single largest investment in public art. It is open to international artists.

Stockholm konst is responsible for arranging the competition and implementing the commission.

The competition is part of Stockholm’s urban construction project, Fokus Skärholmen, which aims to build more than 4,000 new homes in Vårberg and neighbouring Skärholmen, Sätra and Bredäng in an example of socially sustainable urban development. Fokus Skärholmen is a response to the growth of the population in the municipality of Stockholm, which is expected to reach one million by 2020. To accommodate the growth, some 40,000 new homes will be built in the city by then.

Stockholm konst is responsible for producing building-related and site-specific public art for new and renovated buildings pertaining to the City of Stockholm’s administrative office facilities and City-owned companies, and in conjunction with major urban development projects.

To participate in the competition, go to and search for Competition Public Art Vårberg. Tendsign is an electronic procurement system. Registration, free of charge, is required to access the system.

Stockholm konst launches international art competition


Stockholm konst

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