The Durban Segnini Gallery presents Beto De Volder

The Durban Segnini Gallery presents Beto De Volder

The Durban Segnini Gallery presents:

Beto De Volder:

Recent Works

Dec. 2, 2006 – Jan. 31 , 2007


10 am – 12 pm

RSVP: 305 778 1611

Durban Segnini Gallery announces the opening of the exhibition Beto De Volder: Recent Works from Dec. 2, 2006, until Jan. 31, 2007 The exhibition will include 25 new works from 2006. De Volder is well known for his firuletes on paper or glass, a technique which has become richer in form and color throughout the trajectory of his body of work.

Beto De Volder was born in Argentina in 1962. He studied at the “Manuel Belgrano” National School of Fine Arts. The following are some of his individual and collective exhibitions in Latin America. His work is part of the collection of works of the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, the “Alvaro Castagnino” Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosary, the Cisneros Collection in Caracas, Venezuela, and the private collections of Gustavo Bruzzone, Mario Gradowczyk, Eduardo Costantini, Mauro Herlitzka, Gary Garrels, N.Y. the USA, Luis Perez Oramas, NY, the USA.

Alvaro Medina, of the Institute of Aesthetic Investigations of the National University of Colombia, Bogota said: “Taking into account the nature of his pictorial work, one must search for its roots in painters who strike a rigorous balance between the plane and the line. Although it is possible to mention many names, it should be sufficient in the international sphere to refer to Piet Mondrian and Frank Stella in the 80s, but also to Carmelo Arden Quin and Alfredo Hlito, founders of the Madi group, within the context of the River Plate Basin of the 40s. In all of them, lines go, come and intertwine in a counterpoint with planes that are differentiated and set apart by a particular chromatic valuation. To describe in such few words the result obtained by those four painters is the same as describing the essence of De Volder’s art, but the task of carrying it out only serves to establish a connection, not to identify a personality….. As we well know, minimalism refuses to be magnanimous with forms, because a single simple one is sufficient. If a sole and simple form is often the only form for the minimalist, for De Volder the sole and simple form acquires impetus and is multiplied times n with small variations, inspired by an artistic impulse known by the Latin term horror vacui, the same impulse that gave the Baroque its character.”

Durban Segnini Gallery was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1970, and in Coral Gables, FL, in 1992 by its present Director and owner Cesar Segnini (3072 SW 38 Avenue. Coral Gables, FL 33146 Phone: 305 774 7740). The gallery specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture, concentrating on artists who have worked with abstract expressionism, abstraction, constructivism, and kinetic art. Simultaneously, the Gallery strives to promote and diffuse new artistic values as well as the historical vanguards that have influenced them. Worldwide, Durban Segnini Gallery is known for its expertise in such areas as the integration of artworks to architectural spaces, as well as for the customized attention provided to private collectors.

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