Even no. 9—the art of a united Europe

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February 5, 2018

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The spring issue of Even dives into the heart of Europe—and affirms that the Old World can teach us all new lessons. From Brussels to Glasgow, Florence to Budapest, this is an issue that looks to artists and writers to forge a culture beyond borders.

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Love & Theft
Six years ago, the German tax police entered a modest apartment and found more than a thousand works of art. What crimes, and whose histories, lie beneath the Gurlitt Collection? A 24-page report from Bonn and Bern by James McAuley.

The Highland Reels
London works for some, but the true British artistic powerhouse is Glasgow: restless, experimental, and proudly European. Too bad about those referenda, grumbles Susannah Thompson.

The Interpreter's Tale
In Brussels, Robert Menasse found a class of far-flung inhabitants who’d left behind their families, and even their mother tongues, to forge a different kind of superpower. His bestseller The Capital is the first great European novel, writes Niklaus Nuspliger.

Interviews: Giuseppe Penone and Lucy McKenzie
Even editor Jason Farago interviews two artists who, each in their own way, have reimagined local culture at continental scale.

"In Italy today, we are living through an epochal episode of migration. At a scale we have never seen before. But art has to be an investigation that is also a language. If the language is right, that is also a political position."
Giuseppe Penone

"This thing about Flemish nationalism and the avant-garde...I really have to get my head around it. Because Scottish nationalism has a radically different form. The great thing is that I can live in this house in Ostend, and get a feel for it. What carries it through is the quality of the design."
Lucy McKenzie

Michel Houellebecq, Emmanuel Macron, and the new French novel
Egon Schiele, 100 years in the grave and still scandalous
The subtle charm of Tonya Harding, on the ice and screen
Alphabet City: in Toronto, Google shifts from Chrome to condos
Kanishk Tharoor on a season of Indian photography
Hanging up our pointe shoes—ballet's gender-free future
How to build a house in Tokyo, and how not to build an Olympic stadium 
Some expat marriage advice for Meghan Markle

Even More
Four months of exhibition previews, including Virginia Woolf in Cornwall, the Sydney Biennale, Plato in LA at the Getty Villa, and Jutta Koether in Munich

Economics, Italian style. Before a make-or-break election, we present a 13-page album of labor and capital by the photographer Michele Borzoni