Issue #7

January 18, 2018
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Reviews: Masatoshi Masanobu at Axel Vervoordt Gallery by Valencia Tong, Claire Lee at Charbon Art Space by Caroline Ha Thuc, Eric Fok at Karin Weber Gallery by Valencia Tong, Toshio Matsumoto at Empty Gallery by Katherine Volk, The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar at Hong Kong City Hall by Ernest Wan

Art for the People by Vivienne Chow

Book: Is the Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive?

Collector: Justin Kennedy

Archive: Multiple Realities Artists Take on Urban Life by Nicolette Wong

City: Crossing Hong Kong’s Harbour by John Batten, Vietnam Exodus: Opened Memories by Caroline Ha Thuc, Art Partners / Meet the three women behind some of Hong Kong’s most ambitious large-scale public exhibitions

Hong Kong Gallery Guide: Galleries & Spaces

Feature: Ink Art at M+Pavilion by André Chan

Folio: Yau Leung, Ducky Tse Chi Tak

Back Page: After the Deluge by Kingsley Ng

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The Un/Safe Reading of Spectrosynthesis! Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now by Anthony Leung Po Shan, Lee Kit by Charlotte Chang, Rachel Kneebone by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand, Howie Tsui by Elliat Albrecht

Ha Bik Chuen by John Batten, Law Man Lok by Michele Chan, Interior Materialism[s] by Gerhard Bruyns, Hi! Houses. A rejuvenation of Hong Kong heritage by Caroline Ha Thuc, Mill6 Caroline Ha Thuc speaks to the foundation’s director Angelika Li and curator Him Lo, Hong Kong in the 1970s by John Batten

Misty Clouds, Scattered Colours at Liverpool Community Cinema by Edouard Malingue Gallery by Christie Lee; Andrew Luk at de Sarthe Gallery,  Hong Kong by John Batten; Has–Been–There at Pearl Lam Galleries Soho189, Hong Kong by Winnie Lai; Lam Tung Pang at Chambers Fine Art, Beijing by Nooshfar Afnan; Angela Su at Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong by John Batten; Samson Young at the Venice Biennale 2017 by Diana d’Arenberg Parmanand; Chris Huen at Pilar Corrias, London by Alex Quicho; Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra at Hong Kong Cultural Centre by Ernest Wan

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1a Space / Alisan Fine Arts / Art Statements / Axel Vervoordt Gallery / Ben Brown Fine Arts / Blindspot Gallery / David Zwirner / de Sarthe Gallery / Duddell’s / Edouard Malingue Gallery / Empty Gallery / Gagosian Gallery / Hanart TZ Gallery / Lehmann Maupin / Leo Gallery / Opera Gallery / Para Site / Ping Pong / Pearl Lam Galleries / Tang Contemporary Art / White Cube / Whitestone Galleries