Grant for international organizations presenting exhibitions of Korean artists

Korea Arts Management Service, Jongno-gu / Korea

December 19, 2017

Application period: December 1, 2017–February 28, 2018

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) engages in a broad range of international exchange programs to introduce Korea’s contemporary art to an international audience while strengthening its global network. As a part of this effort, KAMS seeks to award grants to International art organizations that (1) invite Korean artists to exhibit, or (2) collaborate with Korean partners—including curators, galleries, and pertinent organizations—to present exhibitions of Korean artists, thereby assisting high-potential Korean artists with extending their reach to international art markets. International art organizations and Korean artists are invited to apply for this grant program as follows.

Eligible applicant: International art organization exhibiting Korean artist(s) by invitation and and/or collaborating with Korean partner(s) such as curators, galleries, and pertinent organizations, etc. *International art organizations whose presidents are Korean nationals are not eligible

Eligible exhibitions
Types of exhibitions
–Exhibitions for which Int’l art organizations invite Korean artists and/or
–Exhibitions of Korean artists curated by, or collaborating with, Korean partners

Period of exhibitions: executed between April 2018 and December 2019
–Pre-award costs are permissible for exhibitions held from April to June 2018 only
–Grants for exhibitions conducted in 2019 will be awarded in 2019

–The artwork being exhibited must be saleable in the exhibition venue
–The Int’l organization and invited Korean artists must have prior consultations and agreements
–The percentage of the sale price of the artwork that is afforded to the Korean artists must be explicitly stated in the Agreement

–An exhibition operating as a bazaar or a fundraising event is not qualified
–The invited Korean artists are not responsible, in any form of payment, for rent of the gallery space or utility costs, such as electricity and water

Eligible expenses: the invited Korean artist’s airfare, accommodation expenses, and/or artwork transportation costs
–Each project can receive up to 20 million KRW (appx. 17,000 USD)
–The grant amount is determined by a panel of judges during the screening, and awarded to Korean artist/partner

Requirements for int’l organizations
–Once selected, the int’l organization must imprint the name and logo of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea, and KAMS, on all of its promotional, public relations, or print materials
–The int’l organization must submit a Post-event Report (that adheres to a prescribed format) within one month of the exhibition’s termination

How to apply
The application form must be submitted by the international organization to KAMS

Apply via email (pam [​at​] only. The application form cannot be submitted via personal contact or the mail

Required documents
Application form (compulsory): download here
Other materials (optional): Materials that are considered helpful in the screening process, including press releases, portfolios, etc.

Screening & announcement
–The invited Korean artist/partner need to make a presentation during the screening conducted in March, 2018
–The grantees will be announced in March, 2018

–The documents and materials submitted by applicants are not returned
–If any of the information in the application documents is found to have been falsified, the applicant may be ruled out from deliberation. If any discrepancies are discovered after the grant award is confirmed, the award may be outright cancelled
–The grantee must immediately inform KAMS of any changes to the information from the application form following confirmation of the grant award
–If the grantee fails to carry out the project stated in the application form, the award must be returned

Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS): T +82 2 2098 2928 / pam [​at​]