Volume 20, number 2

X-TRA, Los Angeles / USA

December 7, 2017

Volume 20, number 2

Winter 2018


Announcing the second issue of X-TRA Volume 20.

This year marks X-TRA’s 20th anniversary! Look forward to special projects and programming throughout the year. 

In this issue: the second installment of our ARTIST WRITES series with a new essay by Andrea Fraser and Artist’s Project from Devon Tsuno.

Travis Diehl explores visions of a border wall in his review of Ronald Rael’s Borderwall as Architecture: A Manifesto for U.S.–Mexico Boundary.

Andrea Fraser ruminates on the work of Pierre Bourdieu in the current political climate in Toward a Reflexive Resistance.

Anna Mayer reviews Machine Project’s tome, Machine Project: The Platinum Collection (Live Bszy Special Request).

Andy Campbell on the work of Sherin Guirguis.

Devon Tsuno’s original origami insert Senbikigoi (One Thousand Carp)

Andrew Stefan Weiner reflects on what it means to make art now in his feature Emergency, Resistance, Futurity: Aesthetic Responses to Trumpism.

Gwyneth Shanks digs deep into Rafa Esparza and Rebeca Hernandez’s building: a simulacrum of power

Daniel Spaulding reviews Jacqueline de Jong at Château Shatto, Los Angeles.

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