Wat nu, Koetsier?

Wat nu, Koetsier?

November 1, 2017

November 4–5, 2017 

Opening: November 4

Wat nu, Koetsier?
De Ruijterkade 127
Hours: 12–6pm

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When the artist Hans Koetsier passed away in 1991, the newspaper headline read “Wat nu, Koetsier…?” (What now, Koetsier…?), lamenting his loss and the ending of his typographic invasions in the advertisement space of Dutch newspapers throughout the 70′s.

“What now?” is the question 45 prominent graphic designers and artists were asked when offered their own advertisement space in the newspaper of today. Using the objectives of the advertisement as a means of communicating ideas and ideals, the results are witty, touching, critical, and lyrical, provoking thoughts on visual language, advertising, and togetherness in our present society. “What now?” remained the central question all along. What does one say in a free zone? What beliefs and desires are worth advertising? Which current affairs demand a critical response? And does graphic design, arguably more a medium than an autonomous means, have something to say for itself?

After being published in Dutch national newspaper Het Parool and on watnukoetsier.nl, it’s time to reveal the advertisement series to you in life size:

We are very excited to invite you to the exhibition, symposium, and publication launch of Wat nu, Koetsier?. The exhibition will be in constant transformation, adapting to the presentations of Erik Kessels, Janneke Wesseling, Maria Barnas, Delphine Bedel, and Jouke Kleerebezem, who all made a personal selection from the series, and wrote about the project for the special broadsheet publication.


Saturday, November 4
12pm: opening
2pm: introduction to Wat nu, Koetsier?
3pm: Erik Kessels
4pm: Janneke Wesseling
6pm: closing

Sunday, November 5
12pm: opening
2pm: Maria Barnas
3pm: Delphine Bedel
4pm: Jouke Kleerebezem
6pm: closing

All designers in order of appearance:
Bart de Baets, Experimental Jetset, Our Polite Society, Koen Taselaar, Annelys De Vet, Rebecca Stephany, Remco van Bladel, Carsten Klein, The Rodina, Gilles de Brock, Laura Pappa, Moniker, Werker, Sandra Kassenaar, Jungmyjung Lee, Thomas Buxó, Hans Gremmen, Rudy Guedj, Machine, Nora Turato, Kok Pistolet, Rustan Söderling, Studio Joost Grootens, Navid Nuur, Femke Herregraven, Roosje Klap & Merel Boers, Dirk Laucke, Lennarts & de Bruijn, Richard Niessen, Janneke Hendriks, Meeus Ontwerpt, Haller Brun, Floor Koomen, Job Wouters, Luuk Janssens, Adriaan Mellegers, Jop van Bennekom & Wolfgang Tillmans, Elisabeth Klement, David Bennewith, Vincent van de Waal, Lesley Moore, Gaile Pranckunaite & Mislav Zugaj, Lotte Schröder, Job Koelewijn

All presentations will be recorded for future viewing online.

Wat nu, Koetsier? is initiated, designed and curated by: Celina Yavelow, Freja Kir (Chives Archives), and René Put.

The exhibition is generously supported by: Creative Industries Fund NL, Het Parool, Igepa group, RI Sign & Print, and Vandejong.