Flash Art Italia no. 331

Flash Art Italia

February 16, 2017

February–March 2017


We are pleased to announce that the February–March 2017 edition of Flash Art Italia is now available at kiosks and selected bookstores throughout Italy.

Osservatorio Prada, Milan; The Institute of Things To Come, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin; Alfonso Artiaco on the Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Naples; Why Not Ask Again: 11th Shanghai Biennial; Zoe De Luca and Andrea Magnani on Siliqoon; Michael Moling on SMACH, San Martin and San Vigilio (Bolzano/Bozen); Treti Galaxie, Turin; Anish Kapoor and the Vantablack.

In primo piano

Notebook of a Kinetic Artist
Kenneth Snelson by Getulio Alviani

Michele Zaza by Marco Tagliafierro
“Zaza does not define himself as a photographer, but as a thinker of images. He is nonetheless grateful to photography because the medium holds a different temporal value. The eternal present is for him perceptible only through photography.”
—Marco Tagliafierro

Monica Bonvicini by Ginevra Bria

Alessandro Michele interviewed by Maria Luisa Frisa

Jimmie Durham by Jennifer Piejko

Lorenzo Senni interviewed by Andrea Lissoni

Tino Stefanoni by Alberto Zanchetta
“Mixing business with pleasure, the artist has developed a minoris pictura, dedicating his life to humble things that he has managed to reiterate in schematic morphologies. Today Stefanoni can admit to having resolved the struggle of every artist: the problem of art as art and not simply as pleasure.”
—Alberto Zanchetta

Giuseppe Penone interview by Massimiliano Gioni

Time Machine
Fabio Mauri interview by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

Brand New
Nicolò Degiorgis interview by Giulia Gregnanin

Milan: Giovanni Anceschi, Tega; Giacinto Cerone, Galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese; Josh Tonsfeldt, Raucci/Santamaria Studio Project; Gianni Pettena, Giovanni Bonelli; Paolo Iacchetti, Monopoli; Noël Dolla, Menhir; Brescia: Jessi Reaves and Bradley Kronz, APalazzo; Turin: Ted Larsen, Private View; Venice: Tancredi, Peggy Guggenheim Collection; Bologna: Richard Nonas, P420; Firenze: Nicolas Party, Palazzo Antinori; Prato: La fine del mondo, Centro Pecci; Rome: Lucas Arruda, Indipendenza; Elisabetta Benassi, Magazzino; Naples: Evan Nesbit, Annarumma; Pedro Neves Marques, Umberto Di Marino; Bari: Trame, Spazio Murat; Palermo: Douglas Gordon, Palazzo Sant’Elia.