Ori Gersht
The Floating World

Brand New Gallery

January 16, 2017

Ori Gersht
The Floating World

January 24–March 9, 2017

Brand New Gallery
via Carlo Farini 32
20159 Milan 


Brand New Gallery is pleased to present The Floating World, Ori Gersht’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. 

The photographs that comprise Ori Gersht’s series “Floating World” were made in November 2015 on a visit that the artist made to the Zen gardens located in and around Kyoto in Japan. These gardens are self-contained worlds. They were created to reflect the essence of nature and as aids to meditation. Both real and metaphysical places, they are somewhere where time stands still. 

Gersht chose to work in locations in the gardens where nature is reflected in water. During his post-production process he inverted his photographs and fused them to create new spaces that hover between material and virtual realities. The resulting prints are fundamentally dependent on something that exists in the physical world, but because of the melting together of tangible reality and its reflection, they are not literal depictions of it. The photograph becomes an image of the folding of space and time. 

Ori Gersht has always been interested in different layers of time and experience; in what the camera can reveal and in what it can’t. (1)

“(…) the photographs are not representing any place (although they were taken in a real place) because you can never go back to find those places ever again, those moments to moments appearing for a second. And the only place or reality in which they exist now is in the photograph…” (2)

(1) From the catalogue Floating World, Ben Brown Fine Arts.
(2) Interview to Ori Gersht curated by Cecilia Latiolais for Flaun Magazine.
Ori Gersht, (1967, Tel-Aviv, Israel) lives and works in London. Ori Gersht earned her MA (1995) from Royal College of Art in London.

Recent solo exhibitions: Reflecting History, Govert Flinck & Ori Gerstht, Museum Kurhaus Kleve (Kleve, Germany; 2015); Survey exhibition, Museum Sinclair-Haus (Bad Homburg, Germany; 2015); Slivers, Tel Aviv Museum of Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv, Israel; 2014); Ori Gersht: Still Life, Columbus Museum of Art (Columbus, OH; 2014); Ori Gersht: Portraits, Pizzuti Collection (Columbus, OH; 2014); History Repeating, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA; 2012); Ori Gersht: This Storm Is What We Call Progress, Imperial War Museum (London, UK; 2012); Evaders and Falling Bird, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv, Israel; 2011); Ori Gersht: Lost in Time, Santa Barbara Museum (Santa Barbara, CA; 2011); Lost in Time, 21c Museum (Louisville, KY; 2011); Black Box, Hirshhorn Museum and sculpture Garden (Washington, DC; 2009); Folding Time, Noga Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel; 2008) and Pomegranate, The Jewish Museum (New York, NY; 2008).

Recent group exhibitions: Disorder: Finalist’s Exhibition Prix Pictet, Kunstverein (Hamburg, Germany; 2016); Baroque Nur Schoner Schein, The Reiss Engelhorn Museen (Mannhein, Germany; 2016);  Past/Present/Future, Grand Rapids Art Museum (Gran Rapids, MI; 2016); Dining with the Artist, The Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands; 2016); Alchemy of Words, Tel Aviv Museum of Arts (Tel Aviv, Israel; 2016); But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa, Solomon R. Guggenhiem Museum (New York, NY; 2016); Disorder: Finalist’s Exhibition Pric Pictet, MAXXI Museum (Rome, Italy; 2016); Disorder: Finalist’s Exhibition Prix Pictet, Musée d’Arte Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Paris, France; 2015); Still Life: Capturing the Moment, Palm Springs Art Museum (Palm Springs, CA; 2015); Food For Thought, Weatherspoon Art Museum, University North Carolina (Greensboro, NC; 2014); Vanitas, Bass Museum of Art (Miami Beach, FL; 2014); Still Life in Motion, The Art Museum of Northern Norway (Tromso, Norway; 2014); Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present, National Gallery (London, UK; 2012); In Focus: Still Life, The J.Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, CA; 2010) and Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance, Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum (New York, NY; 2010).