Giorgio de ChiricoGiulio Paolini /
Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico

Center for Italian Modern Art, New York / United States

October 11, 2016

Giorgio de ChiricoGiulio Paolini /
Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico

October 14, 2016–June 24, 2017

Press preview: October 13, 9:30am, registration required

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The Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) is pleased to announce its exhibition for the 2016–17 season, which presents Italian masters Giorgio de Chirico and Giulio Paolini together for the first time. On view October 14, 2016 through June 24, 2017, Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico will be the fourth annual installation mounted by CIMA, which promotes public appreciation for and new scholarship in 20th century Italian art.

Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico explores the direct ties between two artists born in different centuries but characterized by deep affinities: the founder of metaphysical painting, Giorgio de Chirico (1888–1978), and leading conceptual artist Giulio Paolini (b. 1940). Highlights include several metaphysical masterpieces by de Chirico not seen in the U.S. in half a century, as well as other paintings and drawings from the 1910s to 1950s. Works by Paolini span from the 1960s to the present, including a new series of works on paper and site-specific installations by the artist created especially for this exhibition.

The show focuses on three themes fundamental to the practice of both artists: the self-portrait and the idea of the double; the enigma; and the manipulation of subjects from antiquity. It also invites fresh perspectives on de Chirico—an artist typically seen primarily as a precursor of surrealism—revealing, through the juxtaposition with Paolini’s work, his importance to conceptual artists as well.

Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico is the fourth annual installation mounted by CIMA, following seasons devoted to Giorgio Morandi, Medardo Rosso, and Fortunato Depero. In coordination with the exhibition, CIMA will host a full roster of public programs throughout the year—including lectures, artist talks, and other special events. Our Study Days will take place in February and in May.

CIMA welcomes five 2016–17 fellows this year, thanks to a new fellowship focused specifically on postwar and contemporary art underwritten by the Italian Ministry of Culture and organized in collaboration with the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy. CIMA’s fellowship program is open to emerging scholars in art history and related disciplines, regardless of nationality, who must each propose a research project related to the themes of the exhibition. The Call for Fellows for CIMA’s 2017–18 season will be posted in November 2016.

Upcoming public programs at CIMA:

Friday, October 14, 6:30pm
“Et quid amabo nisi…What I love about de Chirico”
Maddalena Disch, director of the Fondazione Giulio e Anna Paolini in conversation with CIMA President Laura Mattioli 

Friday, October 21, 6pm 
“Arte Povera Comes to the US”
Art historian and curator Germano Celant in conversation with Christian Rattemeyer, Harvey S. Shipley Miller Associate Curator of Drawings at The Museum of Modern Art

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The Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) is a non-profit exhibition and research center offering one-of-a-kind encounters with rarely seen masterpieces and fostering new scholarship on 20th century Italian art. Through our annual exhibitions, art history fellowships, and rich calendar of public programming, CIMA seeks to challenge the misconception that the history of Italian art “ends” at the Renaissance, illuminating the continuing resonance of Italian art across modern and contemporary culture. 

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