Wilfredo Prieto 
You can’t make a revolution with silk gloves

kurimanzutto, Mexico City

June 17, 2016

Wilfredo Prieto 
You can’t make a revolution with silk gloves

May 28, 2016–August 27, 2016

Gob. Rafael Rebollar 94
Col. San Miguel Chapultepec
11850 Mexico  
Hours: Tuesday–Thursday 11am–6pm,
Friday–Saturday 11am–4pm

T +52 55 5256 2408


kurimanzutto is pleased to announce the solo exhibition No se puede hacer una revolución con guantes de seda (You can’t make a revolution with silk gloves) by Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto. Returning to Mexico after his solo show at the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros in 2012, the artist will present a series of interventions both inside and outside the exhibition space. Almost shocking in their simplicity, Prieto’s sculptures and installations are characterized by the use of everyday objects and ordinary materials. Similar to an archaeologist’s process of discovery, his pieces propose finding and exhibiting what already exists, generating new readings and possibilities from a shift in context. This project often blurs the lines between the work and its environment, resulting in actions and gestures that operate with elegant subtlety. Through astute interventions that take into account the function of each specific space—office, garden, kitchen, gallery—the artist seeks to rethink the relationship between the spectator and their surroundings.

The objects and sensorial experiences presented in the exhibition incite a dialog with that which usually goes unnoticed. Prieto’s pieces function as tools for questioning the mechanisms and workings of reality as we know it: a world whose political, economic, and social systems are in crisis. Against a backdrop where social bonds are increasingly superficial and where society is fractured into isolated micro-universes, Prieto seeks to underline what is lost between the noise and routine of contemporary life.

The artist advocates for communicating with less. The basic and the essential, although more easily passed over or ignored, become provocative when they succeed in opening up a space for doubt. The exhibition proposes observing these specific moments from a vantage point where objects shed the camouflage of everyday life. From this perspective a different landscape reveals itself—suggesting perhaps that the revolutionary is hidden in plain sight, in the invisible and the unexpected dimensions of daily life.

For additional information, please contact: Julia Villaseñor, press [​at​] kurimanzutto.com / T +52 55 5256 2408