Volume 18, number 4
Summer 2016

X-TRA, Los Angeles / USA

June 9, 2016

Volume 18, number 4
Summer 2016

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Annette Leddy reviews Jim Shaw: The End is Here at the New Museum and contemplates the prophetic darkness of Shaw’s oeuvre in “The End is (really) Here.”

Travis Diehl navigates the contingencies at play in Trisha Donnelly‘s recent exhibition at Matthew Marks, Los Angeles.

Susanna Newbury reviews Barbara Kasten: Stages at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia and reflects on the physical meditation of process at the heart of Kasten’s practice.

Anuradha Vikram considers identity and performativity in Disguise: Masks and Global African Art at the Fowler Museum at University of California, Los Angeles.

Rob Marks uncovers the complex life of an artwork—sometimes visible, sometimes not—in “Site Unseen, Time Unbound: The Double Life of Richard Serra’s Gutter Corner Splash.”

Charles Gaines and Kerry Tribe discuss the changing challenges of practicing art and teaching in Los Angeles in the age of debt.

Mark Hagen’s Artist’s Project explores the layers of archaeology and its sculptural and time-bending potential.

Bud Almond‘s comic, Subjectivity is the fourth installment of “Art Damaged,” the satirical graphic series reflecting on the art world.

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