Spring program special opening day

Le Grand Belleville

May 9, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016, noon–7pm


Le Grand Belleville is a non-profit organization promoting the activities of art spaces (commercial galleries, curator and artist-run spaces, FRAC) located in the neighbourhood of Belleville, Paris.

Sunday, May 22, from noon to 7pm:
Exceptional opening day for an arty spring walk in Belleville

22m2 48: “Paperolles” with: N. Aiello, J-Ph. Basello, L. Cathala, C. Delieutraz, V. Labaume, J-Ch. Norman, E. Peñafiel Loaiza
Samy Abraham: Emilie Ding
Balice Hertling: Morgan Courtois
Bugada Cargnel: Iris van Dongen
FRAC Ile de France: Johannes Kahrs
Emmanuel Hervé: Camila Oliveira Fairclough
High Art: Dena Yago
Intervalle: Guillaume Lebrun
Antoine Levi: Ola Vasiljeva
Maëlle galerie: Agata Kus
Marcelle Alix: Lola Gonzàlez
RVB Books: Tiane Doan na Champassak
Sultana: Olivier Millagou
Suzanne Tarasiève: “Explorers, In the pursuit of The Terra Cognita” with: C. Corbasson, G. Eksts, O. Finke, S. Fortais, J. Henne & N. Lacroix, R. Lopez, C. McAteer, R. Zeghidour, 4TH Dimension
Treize: event to be confirmed
Jocelyn Wolff: Christoph Weber