Volume 18, number 3
Spring 2016

X-TRA, Los Angeles

March 29, 2016

Volume 18, number 3
Spring 2016


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Leslie Dick closely considers Sarah Charlesworth‘s series Stills (1980), and the permeable relationship between referent, image and the real in her work.

Reflecting on the passing of Chris Burden last year, Benjamin Lord reframes the oeuvre of the artist through his first and final works.

LA-based artist Katie Grinnan responds to Junk Dada, the recent retrospective of Noah Purifoy‘s oeuvre at LACMA.

Travis Diehl reviews Some Form of Life at the Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art and considers digital subjecthood in the work of Constant Dullaart, Xavier Cha, Cécile B. Evans, Devin Kenny and Julien Prévieux.

In his feature article Jan Tumlir contemplates the work of Drew Heitzler in relation to “the epic.”

Matthew Schum reviews the 14th Istanbul Biennial and the relationship between the exhibition’s nebulous theme and it’s geographic location.

Bud Almond‘s graphic series continues in this third installment with Art Damaged: The Narrow Road to UHNWI.

The Arbor by Claire Nereim, the commissioned Artist’s Project, inhabits the inside of the front and back covers, and offers a new map of constellations in the Los Angeles night sky.

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