Ruben Montini

Galleria Massimodeluca

March 18, 2015

Ruben Montini

Performance for choir and organ
Tuesday 31 March 2015, 6:30–10:30pm

Oratoire du Louvre
145 Rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris

T +39 338 7370628
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Curated by Mara Ambrozic
Associate curator: Yvannoé Kruger

COSA RESTA DI NOI – Requiem is the title of the project that the artist Ruben Montini will be taking to Paris, to the Oratory of the Louvre (Église Protestante Réformée de l’Oratoire du Louvre) to be performed on Tuesday, 31 March from 6:30 to 10:30pm.

The work, conceived specifically for the Oratoire du Louvre, which has supported the production of the project together with Galleria Massimodeluca, is a performance for choir and organ and explores the boundaries between the world of music and the world of visual arts so to reflect on the poetic sense of the European Union. A union which, in the eyes of the artist, justifies itself not only in a political and financial veil or in regard to the current differences generated by the crisis, but should be interpreted and sought in the founding principles and in the cultural aspects common to all European peoples.

The performance is therefore based on integrating the motives of the national anthems of the European countries into the structure and tones of the Requiem in D Minor, K 626 by Wolfgang A. Mozart at the very moment of the performance. This is accomplished by two musicians—the Venetian Giovanni Mancuso and the young French composer Benjamin Patrier-Leituz—through constant live improvisation during the performance and on-site composition.

The four-hour event will be divided into two parts with an interval. It will be an opportunity for the public to observe the creative process of composition and to listen to its performance in the final rehearsal. Montini has conceived a structure based on the typical impact of the artistic performance, which together with the Requiem, reflects the themes of European-ness through consecutive virtuoso repetitions, failures and possible discoveries. The project aims not simply at being a musical event, but a place of exchange and of constructive cooperation between the artist, the composers, the conductor and the choir, called upon to improvise on a musical partition that happens simultaneously and in an unpredictable way.

Maestro Frédéric Pineau will conduct the musicians and the choir consisting of 100 elements of the Chœur Symphonique des Grandes Écoles de Paris, a partner of the project. The performance is the end result of a project started by Montini in 2013 following a conversation with Mara Ambrozic, curator of the event, which has been organized with the associate curator Yvannoé Kruger.

Acknowledgements go to the Presidency and the Presbyteral Council of the Oratorie du Louvre and in  in particular to Aurelien Peter, François Sarhan, Mélanie Arensma, Sean Barker and Alexander Pohnert.

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