Smuggling Anthologies Reader

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka

January 30, 2015

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The Smuggling Anthologies project, held from 2013 to 2015 on the “interstitial territory” of three European countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Italy) was carried out by leading institutions: the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia; the Municipal Museum in Idrija, Slovenia; and Trieste Contemporanea in Trieste, Italy. The topic of the two-year project was a critical historical connection between them—smuggling. The program consisted of three exhibitions with accompanying symposia and related activities successively in three cities: contemporary visual art, history, ethnology, urbanism, literature and media theory overlapped in the project, which provided exhibitions, lectures, artist talks, screenings, presentations, projects, performances and research.

The Smuggling Anthologies Reader, produced after a two-year project crosses boundaries of different disciplines in three modes: documentary, fictional and theoretical.

Smuggling Anthologies 
Publisher: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka (Croatia)
Editor in chief: Ana Peraica
Editorial board: Sabina Salamon, Marija Terpin Mlinar and Giuliana Carbi
Design: Mileusnić + Serdarević

Table of Contents
Ana Peraica: “An Introduction to Smuggling as Object of the Academic Research and the Politics of Artistic Engagement”

Part I – Smuggling Ideas
Sabina Salamon: “On Smuggling with Credibility”
Giuliana Carbi: “Smuggling Anthologies Trieste”
Marija Terpin Mlinar: “Frankly About the Illicit”
Marija Mitrović: ”Smuggling as a literary topic”
Tomislav Brajnović: Opel Kadett B 
Stephan Steiner: “Dangerous Read”
Gia Edzgveradze: “Smugglers of the moon”
Darinka Kolar Osvald: “Smuggling of Artwork, cultural heritage”
Aleksandar Garbin: Vukosav Ilić 

Part II – Territory Smuggled
Dragica Čeč: “Theft and smuggling of cinnabar as a means of survival: the trial of thieves and smugglers of cinnabar in 1700–1701″
Jan Lemitz: The registration machine 
Petra Jurjavčič: “Smuggling in the Črni Vrh area in the period between the Two World Wars and in the years after”
Federico Sancimino and Michele Di Bartolomeo: “Gorizia”Društvo Bez granica: Nonićeva tiramola 
Róbert Tasnádi: “Crossroads of the Iron Curtain”
Anja Medved: “Views Through The Iron Curtain (‘Smugglers’ Confessional’)”
Bojan Mitrović: “Yugoslavia between Socialism and Consumerism”
Victor López González: ATLAS 
Božo Repe: “Italian-Yugoslav Border After the Second World War: Crossings, Shopping, Smuggling”
Melita Richter: “Memories of living with / beyond border”
Azra Akšamija: “Arizona Road”

Part III – To Smuggle vs. To Be Smuggled
Balázs Beöthy: Travelling Secrets 
Mira Hodnik: “Smugglers of mercury and mercury ore in the Loka dominion”
Tanja Žigon: “Contrabandists, chainlinkers or smugglers?”
Krešo Kovačiček & Associates: Tobacco Standard 
Milan Trobič: “Contrabandists and smugglers”
Monika Fajfar: “Martin Krpan and a seasoned mind”
Anonymous: “Childhood Smuggling”
Tanja Vujasinović: Family Archive 
Can Sungu: Replaying Home 
Oliver Ressler and Zanny Begg: The Right of Passage 
Vana Gović: “Janša?”
Alexandra Lazar: “Pirates of the precariat: the effects of transition on culture workers in Serbia”
Cristiano Berti: Iye Omoge 
Soho Fond: A Tribute to Soviet Underground Business Scene in Tallinn 
Marco Cechet: Big Lie (t)To Interrail 
Lorenzo Cianchi and Michele Tajariol: False Bottom 
Hassan Abdelghani: East of Svilengrad and Crossing the Maritsa River 
Ana Smokrović: “Biopolitics and Human Organ Trafficking”
Ivo Deković, Igor Kirin, Nikola Ukić: Ariel 
Ralf Čeplak Mencin: “Smuggling opium from Afganistan”
Dušan Radovanović: Russian Forest 
Federico Costantini: “‘Pretty Good Privacy’: Smuggling in the Information Age”

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