The Enemy issue III

The Enemy

September 24, 2014

The Enemy issue III

The Enemy is a triannual online journal that invites writers, artists, academics, and activists to present essays and projects outside the mainstreams of their practices and disciplines.

Issue III will include:

A window into modernism by Josiah McElheny
A personal accounting of blackness in America by Thaddeus Howze
A selection of new poems by Ruth Ellen Kocher
An appraisal of bad art’s social value by Alison Gerber
A recounting of protest, war, and loss by Kateryna Panova
A meditation on the screen as studio by Nicole Miller
An analysis of affect in cinema by Louis-Georges Schwartz
A musing on the bioscience of memory by Laura Raicovich
A reassessing of the MFA by Becket Flannery
A testament to the truths of youth culture by Ben DuVall
A letter to his nephew by James Baldwin

The Enemy is a conscious incongruity—an online journal that, by necessity, shares a platform with what its contents will most often criticize: a culture’s increasing brevity of argument, social media that breed acquiescence over action, and hegemonic monitoring of tastes and transactions. Nevertheless, we attempt to begin a dialog through the presentation of positions both seemingly commonplace and aggressively countercultural, and we hope that as a noncommercial project, independent of either academy or sponsor, and absent any social media tools, we can offer a spectrum of voices and views beyond the mainstream and the market-stream.