Marko Tadic at PULSE New York

Ikon Arts Foundation

April 23, 2014

May 8–11, 2014

PULSE New York
Project Space #A16
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Ikon Art Foundation is pleased to announce its presentation of Croatian multimedia artist Marko Tadić (b. 1979) at PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in New York City. Ikon Art Foundation is showing as part of the POINTS special exhibition, curated by the fair’s Director.

Tadić’s most recent series, “Accumulation of Images from Below,” incorporates drawing, painting, collage, and animation. In relation to this work, the artist states that “thinking and rethinking is the most important thing for us, there is no actual where and when we learn of something, it comes and changes all the time. In this tradition, my work also is a sort of practice for the mind and fertile ground for the development and revision of present and past ideas and events… a sort of an accumulation from which ideas derive by themselves, never intentionally, because of its clear and simple process.”

Marko Tadić has previously exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Zagreb, Vienna, Kassel, Berlin, and Los Angeles. He was the 2008 recipient of the prestigious Radoslav Putar Award for young Croatian artists.

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