Volume 16, number 3
Spring 2014

X-TRA, Los Angeles

March 27, 2014

Volume 16, number 3
Spring 2014


“Hey, X-TRA is on the phone. You should pick up.”

Oh, wait, we mean:
“The telephone is on X-TRA. And you should pick up a copy.”

We are proud to announce the release of another fantastic issue:
Turkey’s summer of protest / Diedrich Diederichsen on contemporary art / The art of Llyn Foukes, Joyce Pensato, Alexis Smith / Project by Mitchell Syrop / Remembering Allan Sekula / Reviews of John Houck, David Gilbert, Alex Slade, Clarissa Tossin, LA ’70s architecture, and Vern Blosum

Table of contents:

Wendy Shaw / Turkey’s Summer of Love and the Art of Political Protest

Scott Oshima / Views from the Observation Deck
Review: Alex Slade: What City Pattern (Revision 2)
Edward Cella Art and Architecture Gallery, Los Angeles

Susanna Newbury / Superfluous Things
Review: John Houck: A History of Graph Paper
On Stellar Rays Gallery, New York
David Gilbert: Coming of Age
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York

Glenn Harcourt / Los Angeles: Some Assembly Required
Review: Everything Loose Must Land: 1970s Art and Architecture in Los Angeles
MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles

Mitchell Syrop / Neither Family (excerpts)

Diedrich Diederichsen / Our Kind of Venue: Subcultures, Institutions, and Historiography

Damon Willick / Vern Blosum’s Fifteen Minutes
Review: Vern Blosum: Out of Order, Paintings 1962-1964
Tomwork at Assembly

Ian Chang / Ironography
On recent exhibitions of Llyn Foulkes, Joyce Pensato, and Alexis Smith

Sally Frater / Traversing Geographies, Collapsing Architectures
Review: Clarissa Tossin: Brasília, Cars, Pools and Other Modernities
Artpace, San Antonio, Texas

Bérénice Reynaud / Allan Fled Away…with the Sun
Allan Sekula, 1951–2013

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