Est Art Fair

Est Art Fair

March 18, 2014

July 10–13, 2014

Preview: Thursday, July 10, 3:30–9pm (by invitation)

Centro de Congressos
Hours: Friday, July 11–Saturday, 12, 3:30–9pm
Sunday, July 13, 3:30–8pm

The first edition of Est Art Fair – International Contemporary Art Fair takes place in Portugal, July 10 to 13, 2014, in Estoril.

A focus on drawing, taken as an expanded field, is the organizing concept of the Est Art Fair 2014. Delfim Sardo, member of the Curatorial Group, explains that “drawing, as a broad practice, crosses the different media of contemporary art and configures diverse and flexible approaches. Literally or metaphorically, drawing addresses and is present in several aspects of contemporary artistic practices—from the moving image to performative work, from three dimensional work to artistic projects, from archive as an art practice to the use of sound. Drawing is also a practice that crosses from conceptual work to more informal or narrative approaches, establishing grounds for a common transcultural territory. In a complex moment like the one we are living, drawing is also a combative practice for artists, simultaneously close to the creative process and agile on circulation.”

Along with the Fair (with 35 international galleries—including Portuguese ones—and by invitation only in this first edition), a large Curatorial Programme will be also part of the 2014 edition of Est Art Fair: Projects—12 galleries invited to present a single artist project, according to the choice of the Curatorial Group; Drawing the World—exhibition of important or new works within the scope of the theme; Art Talks—daily talks focused on Drawing, Collecting Drawing and Curating Drawing.

Luís Mergulhão, Director of Est Art Fair, states, “The detailed and hard work that has been carried out over the last year in establishing the profile and offer of Est Art Fair has now enabled us to present in Portugal an international contemporary art fair project, that is innovative and distinct from other projects. Its programme and location will certainly be an attraction in what will be the closing moment of the annual ww season of contemporary art fairs. I am sure that galleries, artists, collectors, curators, art institutions, and others players in the worldwide contemporary art sector will find the programme, as well as the galleries and artists who will be present, stimulating reasons for travelling to Portugal at the time of Est Art Fair 2014.”

Galleries International Selection Committee:
Barbara Thumm, Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin
Cristina Guerra, Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Lisbon
Eduardo Brandão, Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo
Pedro Maisterra, Galeria MaisterraValbuena, Madrid
Pedro Oliveira, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Oporto, Portugal
Vera Cortês, Vera Cortês Art Agency, Lisbon

Curatorial Group:
Delfim Sardo, Portugal
Filipa Oliveira, Portugal
Moacir dos Anjos, Brazil