Riccardo Benassi
Techno Casa

Marsèlleria, Milan / Italy

November 12, 2013

Riccardo Benassi
Techno Casa

November 14–December 5, 2013

Via Paullo 12/A


For the Milan stage of the project Techno Casa, at Marsèlleria, Riccardo Benassi has created a site-specific environmental installation whose throbbing core is a cycle of ten films called Attachments. The film’s sound—a spine rather than a soundtrack—fills the void left by the visual and spatial interventions created ad hoc, thus fostering an emotional relationship with the hosting architecture.

The entire project is the artist’s reflection on how the use of new technologies—smartphones in particular—completely alter our relationship with everydayness, and it can be seen like a sort of attempt to define the practical possibilities for a “neo neo realism” that must come to terms with a total redefining of the very notion of reality itself.

In following this idea, the architecture seems transformed into a system of presentation and display, thinned out to the two-dimensional reality of a TV screen. Thus the interventions conceived for the spaces at Marsèlleria may be seen as a method of reactivating the architecture itself.

The films—lasting about 15 minutes each—are called Attachments because they all stem from the introductory video, Techno Casa an introduction to.

Each Attachment of Techno Casa is a black and white film shot with a smartphone upon which a “news television” red band hosts a story, questioned at times by some surprising color animations in animation graphics and 3D.

The first five Attachments were produced by Xing for the second edition of LiveArts Week and presented at MAMbo in Bologna.

The remaining five Attachments were produced by the Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Ferrara for Art Fall 13, curated by Maria Luisa Pacelli.

Thus Filipa Ramos describes Riccardo Benassi’s work: “Riccardo Benassi has a dangerous mind. The encounter with his lucid eyes and endless flux of thoughts, transmitted through his projects and works, offers the risk of forever conditioning our form of seeing and relating to the world around us. A philosopher of the present, he helps the world by revealing mystic truths which appear as clear as water once he enounced them and shared them with the others. Benassi’s works are the result of an articulated assemblage of images, sounds, colors, texts, design objects, and diverse materials, which are put together to generate large-scale installations, videos, performances, artist’s books, and sculptural elements in which the visual part is one of the many elements that compose the final result. Benassi is one of the most interesting agitators of the European underground experimental music scene, and since 2004 he is, together with musician Valerio Tricoli, the creator and promoter of Phonorama, a collaborative live electronics project. In 2006 he founded, together with Claudio Rocchetti, the audio-visual duo OLYVETTY.”

The exhibition is accompanied by a critical text by Andrea Lissoni.

Together with Techno Casa at Marsèlleria, the ten videos will be presented on November 23, in Florence at the Museo Marino Marini. An encounter with Riccardo Benassi, Alberto Salvadori, and some members of Superstudio will follow.

Riccardo Benassi was born in Italy in 1982, lives and works in Berlin. He has exhibited in numerous institutions in Italy and abroad, including recently MAMbo – Bologna, MACRO – Rome, Museo Marino Marini – Florence, CCCS – Florence, NCCA – Moscow, 25th Nadezda Petrovic Memorial – Cacak, Diapason Gallery – NYC. He recently published Letters from the Passenger Seat with No One at the Wheel, Briefly, Ballare, Attimi Fondamentali and co-edited the series Doormats for Errant Bodies Press. He teaches Sound Design at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bergamo, Italy.

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