Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann

Revolver Galeria

October 7, 2013

Toda ciudad es un destino porque es, en principio, una utopía
(Every city is a destination because it is, in principle, a utopia)
August 10–November 3, 2013

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – MAC
Avenida Miguel Grau 1511 Barranco
Lima, Perú

There’s something about this scattered archeology in the show’s very plotline. From the image of the desert to its luminous abstraction, the partially petrified car detained in sanded time, the mere shadows of the industry and the partially quoted self-construction within the landscape: its decomposing, its speed, and its journey. Here, light as a core element is an investigation on perception, distance and speed as pieces that partake of a path that suggests a discourse on the city and the way in which its trail deteriorates. Akin to the blinding glow of the precarious corrugated iron panel roofs in towns underneath the deep north’s deceitful sun; these too are images that depict the glimmer of an urban paradise on its way out, and whose closest experience is what we know as the omnipresent landscape of the desert.

–Extracted text from Utopia in the rear-view mirror by Rodrigo Quijano