i (information)

The Private Museum

September 30, 2013

The Kitakyushu Biennial in Singapore 2013
23 October–8 December

Opening: Tuesday, 22 October, 6:30pm

The Private Museum 
51 Waterloo Street #02-06 
Singapore 187969

T +65 6738 2872
mail [​at​] theprivatemuseum.org


The Private Museum is proud to present the 2nd Kitakyushu Biennial: i (information) in Singapore, a parallel event of the Singapore Biennial 2013. i (information), the theme for this year, will display an array of re-mixes of fragments of information. It aims to present the manipulations of media information in a rapidly changing world within a private museum context.

i (information) will be a touring project, beginning as a screening event at ZKU Berlin in August. Opening exhibitions at Busan South Korea TOTATOGA archive center in September, main venues at the Soap Gallery Kitakyushu Japan from September to December and finally making its way to the Private Museum, Singapore from October to December.

The video and sound projects feature collaborative works from Charles Lim Yi Yong (Singapore), John Miller (USA), Mike Bode (Sweden), Takuji Kogo 古郷卓司 *Candy Factory Projects (Japan), and Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries (South Korea).  These artists have responded to online trends with their unique perspectives. 

Takuji Kogo (Japan) collaborates with Mike Bode (Sweden) in My Room Tour and House Tour on Base Housing Kadena AB.  In My Room Tour, they present their rendition of the text animation of teenage V-loggers from YouTube, a current fixation amongst internet users. 

In ASMR My DMZ Dub, viewers will experience a journey through the borders of South and North Korea by Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries (South Korea) with Takuji Kogo. The new multilingual project depicts a Rastafarian-Korean woman playing the role of a Korean Bus tour guide for DMZ. 

ROBOT is an ongoing collaboration between Takuji Kogo (Japan) and John Miller (USA). Together they’ve recorded online personal advertisements, which express the individual’s thoughts and transforming them into musicals. The idea is further amplified in the new works My Name is Katy, Unconditional Love and Naughty Girl.

The long-term collaborative films between Takuji Kogo and Charles Lim (Singapore) will see a continuation under the project Beaches II. Takuji Kogo and Charles Lim have been documenting the borders of Singapore as a work of land art since 2005. In Beaches II they explore further the borders of Singapore and continue to utilize their research as a laboratory means for digital multimedia installation, film screening events and web-based visual explorations. 

The Kitakyushu Biennial is a bi-annual exhibition organized by the Art Institute Kitakyushu and directed by *Candy Factory Projects, a Japan-based platform for international collaborative multimedia based art projects curated by Takuji Kogo. i (information) is the 4th Kitakyushu Biennial. 

Exhibition program

My Room Tour (8:39) 
House Tour On Base Housing Kadena AB (12:18) 
Takuji Kogo and Mike Bode

ASMR My DMZ Dub (16:29) 
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and Takuji Kogo

Unconditional Love (3:32) 
Hi Linda (2:07) 
My Name Is Katy (4:32)  
Naughty Girl (3:37)
Robot (Takuji Kogo + John Miller)

Beaches II (9:02)
Takuji Kogo and Charles Lim

Artist talk 
Saturday, 26 October, 3pm at The Private Museum

Takuji Kogo (Japan) will talk about *Candy Factory Projects and the Kitakyushu Biennial as a touring project. This year, the Kitakyushu Biennial travels from Berlin to South Korea, Japan and finally Singapore at The Private Museum. Artist Charles Lim (Singapore) will also be present during this session.