Galleria Massimodeluca

November 16, 2012

23 November–28 December 2012
Opening: Thursday, 22 November, 6pm

Galleria Massimodeluca
Via Torino 105/q 
30170 Venezia Mestre
Hours: Monday–Friday 10–17h
Saturday by appointment

T 041 5314424
M 366 6875619
info [​at​] 

The 2013 programme has already been decided: two personal exhibitions and a new, doublegroup exhibition with international participation.

After the success of the inaugural exhibition, Galleria Massimodeluca—the new space in Mestre, Venice, dedicated to contemporary art with a marked inclination towards research and experimentation—is presenting on Thursday, 22 November at 6pm the second part of the project curated by Andrea Bruciati: NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE #2. Structured as a double group exhibition, NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE is introducing a total of 16 young Italian artists all born in the ’80s. The first part put on view the first eight artists (the exhibition closed on 11 November 2012). It is now the turn of Paola Angelini, Thomas Braida, Giulia Cenci, Teresa Cos, Tomaso De Luca, Giorgio Guidi, Vito Stassi and Elisa Strinna.

The exhibition space, created inside a former early twentieth-century industrial building restored with the utmost respect for the original architecture, houses works of highly differing personality and characteristics ranging from photography to sculpture, passing through performance, painting and drawing. The complete mix of media, styles and techniques typify the complexity of contemporary life, which has been investigated, re-examined and given back with no frills by the young artists in the group exhibition. “The artists invited to take part in NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE belong to the generation born in the ’80s which is living through that youthful period of transition, a complex and tough period”—explains curator Andrea Bruciati—”yet harbinger of courageous experimentation and full of potential, which accepts its deep cognitive function.”

“Mestre is environmentally and culturally a very difficult town, but NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE #1has drawn a great number of visitors, and there are many who have thanked us for having done something good for the town” says the art dealer Massimo De Luca, to sum up the first group exhibition. “It was, however, a deliberate choice to open in Mestre because it is here, in this virgin land, that we want to sow our seed and tackle the exhilarating challenge of promoting young artists. In fact, art should help to understand rather than just decorate the world and no one better than the young generations can accompany us along this path.”

After the great success that Galleria Massimodeluca inauguration has enjoyed, which saw more than 300 persons at the vernissage on 4 October, Massimo De Luca is now presenting NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE #2, and in the meantime, he is already working on exhibition projects for 2013. The project NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE is offering real visibility to the under-30s artists who admirably represent a national artistic cosmos that has not yet been adequately explored and is developing a different language by interpreting the critical points and the contents of current society in innovative ways. Galleria Massimodeluca intends continuing along this path also in the future, but with new methods: 2013 will kick off with two personal exhibitions, followed by a special project at the same time as the 55th International Art Exhibition of Venice. After the summer break there will be another double group exhibition featuring international young artists. Andrea Bruciati will also curate the exhibitions in 2013.

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