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Metropolis M

October 17, 2012

Commerce or Idealism?
In a Europe beset by radical cuts to cultural budgets, a question hangs on the lips of many a curator and cultural entrepreneur: how does one survive in the art market without sacrificing your ideals? Metropolis M decided to investigate, beginning with inspiring galleries around the world. Uta Grosenick gives an overview of pioneers amongst art dealers over the last hundred years, as well as an insight into recent developments. In an in-depth interview, Jan Mot, active in Brussels and Mexico City, enlightens us on his policies for his galleries, which in the qualitative sense resemble museums. We also bring a report on the gallery scene in Istanbul.

And also:

Powerhouse e-flux
e-flux is widely celebrated and praised. Yet the contrast between such ideologically tinted art projects as Time/Bank and e-flux journal and considerable profits raises the question of what e-flux is after. Is it money, influence or something else?

Anti-Capitalist Literature
Radical criticism of the system is back. In recent years, whole bookshelves can be filled with new anti-capitalist literature. Metropolis M offers ten tips for engaging reading.

David Maljković
The travelling retrospective of this Croatian artist, currently on view at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, assumes a different form at each location. Fionn Meade takes a look at Maljković’s perpetual revisions and rearrangements—something that he not only applies in his work, but also with his work.

Jonathas de Andrade
The young Brazilian artist creates works that appear to be conceptual, with a strongly melancholic undertone. Curator Júlia Rebouças visited his home region and wrote him a letter.

Digital Publishing
In a short space of time, the New York-based publishing house, Badlands Unlimited, has launched a number of striking publications, most of which are digital. Paul Chan talks about publishing ‘in an expanded field’.

Julika Rudelius
The recently reopened Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is showing the newest video by Julika Rudelius, which was shot with passersby in the busy streets of Guangzhou, a city of 16 million people. A conversation about how she came to change her working method, subject and location.

Further (Dutch only):
The 20th anniversary of De Pont, a privately owned museum; a new Festival of Independents in the Netherlands; a portrait of the three Dutch postgraduate art institutions through the work of three artists: Thomas Raat (Rijksakademie), Eric Sidner (De Ateliers) and Esmé Valk (Jan van Eyck Academie); reviews of Newtopia in Mechelen, Time, Trade & Travel in Amsterdam, Rineke Dijkstra in New York, Objekt Atlas in Frankfurt and much more.

New from Metropolis M Books:
The second publication in our book series is entitled Temporary Autonomous Research. It was published in association with the Amsterdam Pavilion at the 9th Shanghai Biennale and is edited by curator Henk Slager. It includes contributions by Falke Pisano, Jeremiah Day, Nicoline van Harskamp and others.
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