Galleria Massimodeluca

October 3, 2012

5 October–11 November 2012
23 November–28 December 2012

Galleria Massimodeluca
via Torino 105/q 
30170 Venezia Mestre (Italy)
Hours: Mon–Fri 10–17h; Sat on request

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Galleria Massimodeluca is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural project NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE, conceived by Andrea Bruciati,opening the 5th October 2012.

Located in an area on the Venetian mainland that is now undergoing a transformation, this new exhibition space has been created with the aim of becoming an important point of cultural reference; the first two group shows in the program will feature sixteen artists all born in the 1980s.

Designed by Andrea Bruciati, the curatorial project will consist of two complementary exhibition programs (5 October–11 November 2012 / 23 November–28 December 2012)involving sixteen artists: Graziano Folata, Francesco Fonassi, Riccardo Giacconi, Rebecca Moccia, Valerio Nicolai, Dario Pecoraro, Nicola Ruben Montini, Manuel Scano, Paola Angelini, Thomas Braida, Giulia Cenci, Teresa Cos, Tomaso De Luca, Giorgio Guidi, Vito Stassi,and Elisa Strinna. The intention of NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE is to give concrete visibility to Italian artists under 30 that are representative of artists working across the country, a generation whose practice has not yet been fully explored, but whose works are developing a different language, interpreting in innovative ways the critiques and issues of contemporary society.  

The mission of Galleria Massimodeluca, started by the Venetian gallerist and collector who gives it its name, is to support young artists and encourage synergy with the curators that promote them: with this in mind, the concept for the first project was entrusted to Andrea Bruciati, whose work has always been informed by this sensibility. NI DIEU NI MAÎTRE is therefore only the first chapter: all future curatorial projects will follow the same impetus so that the gallery can become a benchmark not only for curators aware of emerging artists but also for the artists themselves.

The decision to base Galleria Massimodeluca in Mestre is therefore not one taken at random. The exhibition spaces—two twin lofts of circa 250 square metres in an early 19th-century building once used as a commercial warehouse—is set to become a centre of excellence for contemporary art in a young, dynamic and multi-ethnic area that is constantly changing.