September 19, 2012

The 16th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair opens in Moscow.
19–23 September 2012

The Central House of Artists
Krymsky Val 10, Moscow, office 165
Hours: 19 September, 14–20h
20–23 September, 12–20h

2012 marks a new turn in ART MOSCOW history. The project entered a new era at the beginning of the millennium by assimilating post-Soviet ideology. At around this time, contemporary art started to become an important symbol of the glamorous lifestyle. For years, contemporary art was influenced by the evolution of the Russian civil society. Current and past events in the field of Russian art will be the main topics of discussion at ART MOSCOW.

Panel discussions will cover contemporary art development in Russia, as well as new marketing opportunities:
“Curating in the post-Soviet territories,” “Making the art market transparent,” “How to attract intellectuals to contemporary art,” “Detection of main components in the contemporary art market,” “The art of collecting: there is no need to be a billionaire to collect art,” “Philanthropy in art: the presentation of foundations,” “Corporate engagement in art and culture: the Western experience and new opportunities in Russia,” “The Western perception of Russian contemporary art,” “How contemporary art can enhance the attractiveness of cities,” “Attracting regions – the creation of a platform: art, politics and new curatorial structures,” “Developing platforms for engaging regions/provinces: art and new curatorial structures.”

Galleries from Russia, Cuba, Serbia, Ukraine, Germany, Portugal, UK, Italy, Hungary, Austria, France, Japan, and Iran will have exhibitions this year at ART MOSCOW.

Moscow galleries such as Triumph Gallery, Fine Art Gallery, Galerie Iragui, Eastern Gallery, Frolov Gallery, Glaz Gallery, and the Collection Gallery from Kyiv have been showcasing their works for many years now.

Havana galleries La Acacia Gallery and Collage Habana Gallery, Zvono Gallery (Belgrade), Knoll Gallery (Vienna-Budapest), and Whitestone gallery (Tokyo) are among the galleries attracting the most attention at ART MOSCOW.

ART MOSCOW newcomers this year are Morgen Contemporary Gallery (Berlin), Cordeiros (Lisbon), Galleria Goethe (Bolzano), 11.12 Gallery (Moscow), and Blast Gallery (Paris). The presence of three famous galleries from Tehran (Assar Gallery, Ariana Gallery and Tirgun Image Works Gallery) will draw special attention to Iranian artists.

The most promising young artists from Moscow and other Russian cities who will showcase at ART MOSCOW include KHLAM Gallery (Voronezh), LES Gallery (Moscow), and Dias Gallery (Irkutsk).

ART MOSCOW 2012 is the key event, Moscow Art Week, which will be held once every two years, alternating with Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

2012 participants
Austria: Knoll Gallery Vienna; Great Britain: Whitespace Gallery; Hungary: Knoll Gallery Budapest; Germany: Art&Space Gallery Munich; Iran: Assar Gallery, Ariana Gallery, Tirgun Image Works Gallery; Italy: Goethe Gallery; Cuba: La Acacia Gallery, Collage Habana Gallery; Portugal: Cordeiros Gallery; Serbia: Zvono Gallery; Ukraine: Tsekh Gallery, Collection Gallery, Ya Gallery, Mironova Gallery; Japan: Whitestone Gallery; Russia: 11.12 Gallery, AL Gallery, Photographer Gallery, Fine Art Gallery, Eastern Gallery, Glaz Gallery, Dias Gallery, Dmitry Semenov Gallery, Grinberg Gallery, Iragui Gallery, Kultproject Gallery, Lazarev Gallery, Les Gallery, RuArts Gallery, Triumph Gallery, Frolov Gallery, Shazina Gallery , KHLAM Gallery, Citadel Gallery, Heritage Gallery

Other participants
Public Totem, The Art Newspaper, Too Late, The Institute of Contemporary Art Issues, KoverBuro, KulTTovary, Kurekhin prize, Luxury house, SV Logistic, The Art Project Serenitas – Alexander Morozov’s sculptures from private collections, Shaltay-Boltay and Olga Kiseleva’s videolounge.

Online tickets: please visit the ART MOSCOW website.
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