Art Copenhagen 2012

Art Copenhagen

August 30, 2012

14–16 September, 2012
Opening: September 14, 4pm

Forum Copenhagen
Julius Thomsens Plads 1
1925 Frederiksberg

Art Copenhagen opens its doors during the weekend of 14–16 September, featuring a sharp presentation of Danish galleries and selected international galleries, many of whom have never exhibited in Denmark before.

From Melbourne to Bristol and Berlin, this year’s Art Copenhagen takes the plunge and opens up for participation by galleries from outside of Scandinavia. In addition to galleries from the top of the Nordic contemporary art scene, visitors will also discover up-and-coming and established galleries from around the world among the fair’s 71 exhibitors.

The new international profile was developed in collaboration between the Danish galleries and Art Copenhagen. Fair organisers asked a number of selected galleries to select a foreign partner gallery with an interesting profile for Art Copenhagen. As a result, nine new international galleries have found their way to the fair.

The 10 new international galleries participating in the fair include: A.L.I.C.E (BE), Jochen Hempel (DE), Paul Andriesse (NL), Work Projects (GB) and Neon Parc (AU), Laden fuer Nichts – Leipzig (DE), Mario Mazzoli – Berlin (D), Martin Kudlek – Köln (DE) and TAIK – Berlin (DE), and Rolando Anselmi (IT).

18 solo presentations
Another notable feature of Art Copenhagen 2012 will be a special focus on solo presentations. A total of 18 galleries have chosen to dedicate all or a large part of their stands to exhibiting a single artist’s works. Thus visitors will experience solo exhibitions by Tony Matelli at Andrehn-Shiptjenko, Ivan Andersen at Bo Bjerggaard, Gudrun Hasle at Tom Christoffersen, Eva Koch at Martin Asbæk and Jacob Holdt at V1 among others.

Gallery Night
Art Copenhagen opens for invited guests at 2pm on Friday, 14 September 2012. The fair opens to the public at 4pm on Friday and runs until Sunday, 16 September. Opening hours are 11–6pm Saturday, 11–5pm Sunday. On Saturday evening after Art Copenhagen’s opening hours, the fair presents a new initiative in collaboration with the art portal, Gallery Night. Copenhagen galleries will be open on Saturday night from 7pm until 10pm to welcome visitors with a taste for even more contemporary art after the fair’s closing. The Gallery Night events are also open to the general public.

Participating galleries
A.L.I.C.E. (BE), Andersson Sandström (S), Andréhn-Schiptjenko (S), Anhava (FI), Anna Thulin (S), Avlskarl (DK), B15 (DK), Bendixen (DK) , Bo Bjerggaard (DK), Bruno Dahl Gallery (DK), Charlotte Fogh (DK), Christian Andersen (DK), Christoffer Egelund (DK), DAMP (DK), David Risley (DK), Elastic (SE), Flach (SE), Franz Pedersen (DK), Hans Alf (DK), Heino (FI), Helth (DK), Henningsen (DK), Henrik Kampmann (DK), Hostrup-Pedersen & Johansen (DK), Jeanette Ölund (SE), Jochen Hempel (DE), Jonas Kleerup (SE), Jørgen Østergaard (DK), Kalhama & Piippo (FI), KANT (DK), Kirk (DK), Korjaamo (FI), Laden fuer Nichts (DE), LARMgalleri (DK), Lars Olsen (DK), Leger (SE), Leif Jensen (DK), Marianne Friis (DK), Mario Mazzoli (D), Martin Asbæk (DK), Martin Kudlek (DE), Mikael Andersen (DK), Moderne Silkeborg (DK), MOHS Exhibit (DK), Møller Witt (DK), Naboløs (DK), Neon Parc (AU), NB (DK), Niels Borch Jensen (DK), Nils Stærk (DK), Oxholm (DK), Paul Andriesse (NL), Peter Amby (DK), Peter Lav (DK), Pi (DK), Poulsen (DK), Rasmus (DK), Rolando Anselmi (IT), Salling (DK), Sct. Gertrud (DK), SOD Space of Drawings (DK), Specta (DK), TAIK (DE), Thomassen (SE), Tom Christoffersen (DK), V1 (DK), Varming (DK), Wolfsen (DK), Work Projects (GB)
Art Copenhagen is being held for the 16th time, having existed in its current form since 1997. Last year, 11,600 visitors attended Art Copenhagen, including art collectors, artists, galleries, curators and other art enthusiasts.

This year’s participants include 71 galleries from around the world and a collection of museums and exhibition venues such as ARoS and the National Gallery of Denmark.
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