The contemporary Miniaturists: Art from Pakistan

JanKossen Contemporary

June 7, 2012

12–17 June 2012

VIP and press opening: Tue 12 June, 1–9pm

SCOPE Basel, Booth E15
Hours: Wed–Sat 13–16 June, 11–7:30pm
Sun 17 June, 11–6pm

JanKossen Contemporary
Haltingerstrasse 101
4057 Basel, Switzerland
info [​at​]

Artists include: Aakif Suri, Asif Ahmed, Kiran Riaz, Nizakat Al Depar, Saba Saleem, Shams Uddin, Shoaib Mehmood, Sobia Ahmad, Wardha Shabbir, Waseem Ahmed

The contemporary miniature movement in Pakistan has transformed the traditional, historical miniature painting from the Mughal courts of South Asia into today’s stunning contemporary art form. During this year’s SCOPE show in Basel, JanKossen Contemporary shall be bringing closer to a European—and international—audience the overlooked, yet exceptionally vibrant contemporary miniature art from Pakistan.

Among the works shown are over 30 works created by both established and emerging artists whose works will be premiered during SCOPE; among them artists who are being shown for the first time outside Pakistan.

The artists featured take various approaches to the changing use of miniature painting, by using contemporary themes that reflect their lives living as a woman in Pakistan; themes that touch upon sexuality, identity as well as a discourse with their environment. Subject matters are played with ideas of scale and materials, however remaining faithful to the miniaturist style and use of symbolism.

When considering the global media coverage concerning Pakistan, the focus is almost exclusively on military and geopolitical issues. The dynamic and burgeoning contemporary arts scene in cities such as Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad is routinely overshadowed by such attentions. This show hopes to change that.

About JanKossen Contemporary
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