Bingyi: the Shape of the Wind – In Fuchun Mountains

WiE Kultur | Berlin

June 6, 2012

8 June–8 July 2012

Opening: Tuesday, 12 June, 18–21h

St. Johannes-Evangelist Church
Auguststrasse 90, 10117 Berlin

Bingyi, the artist, rolls out bespoke rice-paper to surround a small village house on the Fuchun River in the southeast of China. She pours ink and water into the air, waiting for them to fall and merge into the paper. Through this scroll in land-art scale, the artist’s hand retreats so as to let the magic hand of nature paint. This could be the synthesis moment of Trinitas of the three great themes of Chinese philosophy—heaven, human, and earth—meeting and becoming one.

Is wind tangible? Are spirits visible? This 2.65-meter wide and 160-meter long action painting with ink on rice paper will be presented to shine in the light inside the St. Johannes-Evangelist Church located on the Art Mile in Berlin-Mitte.

Bingyi is an artist based in Beijing and New York.

Two major events will be organized onsite, parallel to Bingyi’s exhibition. They are all echoing to one another, listing to each other.

On 8 June, Yishu: Journal for the Contemporary Chinese Art will celebrate its 10th Anniversary in Berlin, the most vibrant city for contemporary art. Yishu, inaugurated in 2002, is the first English-language journal to focus on Chinese contemporary art and culture. It will launch its milestone 50th issue, accompanied by a premiere screen of a documentary film which interviews all the 50 cover-artists of the entire 50 issues. Bingyi is one of them.

Musician Cheng Hongyu, a master of the guqin-zither, will hold two concerts to illuminate this unique dialog between her music, entitled A Journey of Soul.

Both the exhibition and the concert are presented by WiE Kultur in Berlin. Both are included in the official program of CHINAH: Chinese Cultural Year in Germany 2012.

Special programs
Book launch and panel discussion:
The Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of
Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
Friday, 8 June, 16–18h

Guqin-Zither: A Journey of Soul
Soloist: Cheng Hongyu
Friday, 22 June, 19h
Saturday, 23 June, 19h
Ticket sales:

Exhibition guided tours
German: Thursday–Saturday, 15h
English: Sunday, 15h