OUT OF STH vol.3

BWA Wrocław - Galleries of Contemporary Art

April 23, 2012

OUT OF STH vol.3


OUT OF STH vol.3
is yet another stage of the internationally acclaimed, award-winning projects: External Artists.Out of Sth and OUT OF STH presents (2008, 2010), carried out in BWA Wroclaw and city space.

This time the project includes exhibitions, realizations and activities concentrating on the issue of the City in its social and political dimension, City as a source of counter-cultural and alternative aspects of street activism, whose idea annexes new spheres of culture.

OUT OF STH vol.3 is a multi-layered interactive event aiming to change the perception and co-existence of art in city space, within the trends of contemporary visual art, through the presentation of a spectrum of aesthetics, techniques, and media, as well as its permeation into mass design. It is a broad presentation of work of artists tackling urban themes, a new definition and function of the city, common public space, urban design, complimented by music events, performances, meetings, workshops and lectures, during which the artists will be sharing their visions of the city and the unique aesthetics thanks to which art beyond gallery space has drawn the attention not only of urban rebels.

Awangarda Gallery, BWA Wrocław, PL
30 April–17 June 2012
Les Fleurs du Mal – New Art From London

The project refers to the political idea of the City, the role played by space and spontaneous, structuralized ludic transactions in its origin, integration or modification. The exhibition presents new art from London referring directly to public space, which is a platform for alternative political strategies and open thought systems.

-Edwin Burdis, Tod Hanson, kennardphillipps, Kieron Livingstone&Ian Allison, Emily McMehen, Laura Oldfield Ford, The People Speak/Talkaoke, Max Reeves, Clunie Reid, John Russell, Francis Thorburn, Ruth Evan, Liam Gillick & Corinne Jones, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Tai Shani, Gavin Turk, Bob&Roberta Smith, Ben Eine, Sarah Baker, Olaf Brzeski, Antoni Wajda

curator: Cedar Lewisohn

Free Ride Art Space – bike exhibition
The cycling culture is one of the most vital activities of urban streets, and the bicycle itself – a sign of the times, symbol of the post-modern era and an alternative use of the city. Exercise in the physical sense becomes activism, a new way of life resembling social movement, pro-equality, pacifist even – “Bikes Not Bombs”! The contemporary-art exhibition presents works of artists from France, Germany, USA, Britain and Italy, all referring to the phenomenon of the cycling movement.

-Martin Caminiti, Kevin Cyr, Alain Delorme, Laurent Duthion, Joshua Frankel, Max Knight, Damien Leblon, Benedict Radcliffe, The Pit, Yann R’Cycle, Philip Symonds, Cédric Viollet,

curator: Blandine Roselle

25 May–24 June 2012

The city–experimentally.

Cities as sources of counter-cultural and alternative aspects of street activism, as ideas annexing new spheres of culture. The city which in its social and political dimension requires redefining its significance in the light of the communication and information leap which has permanently changed the face of world economy and politics in the times of intensive urbanization.

Who does the city belong to today? Are blocks of flats only bad? What is the role of art in the process of gentrification? Does public space exist? Do we really need it? Or is it perhaps as anachronistic as mediaeval market squares around town halls?

The project is a form of urban facelift, both mental and visual. It is an experiment which contests the absurd status quo, at the same time reminding that the city is Ours, yours and mine, and all the necessary tools are widely available.

Ex: City
BNNT, Rafał Czajka, Magda Drobczyk, Ekta, Piotr Flądro, TRUTH, ŁuhuuGroup, Hello Monsters, Jacek Jankowski, Jerzy Kosałka, Olivier Stak, Paweł Kowzan, Maciej Kurak, The Kurws, Piotr Łakomy, Grzegorz Łoźnikow, Russel Maurice, Mudwig, Sickboy, Maciej Salamon, ZBK

Re: Design
Łukasz Paluch, Edgar Bąk, Jakub Jezierski, Jura Kaniewski, Aleksandra Niepsuj, Projektor Group,  Hakobo, Vova Vorotniov, Olek Modzelewski

Basia Bańda, Olaf Brzeski, Coxie, Egon Fietke, Otecki, Ola Kubiak, Beata Rojek, Rafał Wilk, Krzysztof Żwirblis

curators: Joanna Stembalska, Sławek Czajkowski ZBK

BWA Wroclaw Galleries of Contemporary Art, Poland