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Metropolis M

April 13, 2012

Special: Belgium
As budget cuts leave the Netherlands facing the threat of artistic brain drain, art in Belgium—notably Flanders—is flourishing. Major exhibitions, a growing art market, and curators operating on the international scene: art in Belgium is thriving as never before. Metropolis M takes a closer look at the success of our southern neighbours.

New York Underground
The 2012 Whitney Biennial is presenting a surprising number of artists who emerged from the tempestuous days of the New York underground. Agnieszka Gratza sets out in search of the New York underground of today.

René Daniëls
With major exhibitions in Madrid and Eindhoven, this Dutch painter is once again the centre of attention. Dominic van den Boogerd investigates Daniëls’s countless references to memory, which are also found in his recent work, two decades after he suffered a stroke.

Late Work
In artists’ oeuvres, late work is often put in a separate, frequently undervalued category. Tom Morton examines a few striking examples and asks if this lack of appreciation is justified.

Berlin Biennale
The character of the seventh Berlin Biennale seems to be the most activist to date. Metropolis M speaks with curators Artur Żmijewski and Joanna Warsza about their approach to the biennial.

In a world in which constant activity is the norm, the very idea of doing nothing is absolutely terrifying. As Aaron Schuster argues, this is a tragic misconception. It is in idleness that life reveals itself at its best.

Column: Tirdad Zolghadr
In this, one of his self-proclaimed ‘moralistic’ columns for Metropolis M, Tirdad Zolghadr takes a look at the substance that keeps the machinery of the art world nice and greasy.

And further (Dutch only):
The double life of the Italian-Dutch artist Alberto De Michele; scouting painting with Daniel Sinsel and Aukje Koks; an interview with Theodor Adorno; Ai Weiwei as a blogger; reviews of Before the Law in Cologne, Mathematics in Paris, The Global Contemporary in Karlsruhe, Broomberg & Chanarin in Amsterdam, Raymond Roussel in Madrid, Lygia Pape in London, and much more.

Daily updates on upcoming:
An interview with Charles Atlas, on the occasion of his solo show at De Hallen in Haarlem; reports from Art Brussels and Frieze Art Fair New York, and more.

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