Announcing the new issue of X-TRA

X-TRA, Los Angeles / USA

November 30, 2011

We are happy to announce the new issue of X-TRA!

This issue features a special insert—a reproduction of Harold Gregor’s 1966 project, Everyman’s Infinite Art.

Everyman’s Infinite Art contained thirteen works that were meant to minimize the functions of the gallery, artist, and critic while challenging the prevailing assumptions of what works of art entailed. The gallery, in fact, was closed for he two weeks that the exhibition took place, thus making its catalog with its written descriptions of the art the art itself. In this issue of X-TRA, we present a reprint of the catalog along with an interview with Gregor and an essay by Lane Relyea. Learn more about the project.

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The rest of the issue is stellar: highlights include a feature on Virginia Dwan, the final installment of our reprints of Eugenia Butler’s Kitchen Table Project, and reviews of Walead Beshty and Werner Herzog.

Here’s the full table of contents:
Winter 2011
Volume 14 Number 2


Whatever Happened to Virginia Dwan?
Jessica Dawson
Of the forty-one commercial galleries listed in the greater Los Angeles Yellow Pages in 1960, only Ferus Gallery could rival Virginia Dwan.

The Kitchen Table, Talk 2: Art and the Dream
Eugenia P. Butler
Conversation with Marina Abramovic, Eugenia Butler, Allan Graham, and Michael McMillen

Witnessing Eugenia Butler’s Kitchen Table
Marie B. Shurkus

Interview with Harold Gregor
Damon Willick

Secondary Importance
Lane Relyea
Whatever went through Harold Gregor’s mind upon seeing Carl Andre’s contribution to the Primary Structures show in 1966, it didn’t have much to do with Minimalism.

Vija Celmins: Television and Disaster, 1964-1966
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Jason Hill

Regen Projects, Los Angeles
James Nisbet

Ori Gersht: Lost in Time
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Kim Beil

Werner Herzog: Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Glenn Harcourt


‘Say goodbye, Catullus, to the shore of Asia Minor’:
Cy Twombly (1928–2011)
Jae Emerling


Everyman’s Infinite Art
Harold Gregor
Special insert in the issue.

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