Witryna Foundation

November 7, 2011

Special project organised as part of the Polish Presidency 2011

11–18 November 2011

Events: Friday–Saturday, 11–12 November
Venue: Villa Tokyo, 2-3-13 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Complete program of events: www.witrynaontheroad.com, www.najgorszy.com, www.villaraster.com

Curated by Agnieszka Sural

11 November 2011, 5:30 p.m. (till 18.11)
MARYNA TOMASZEWSKA Art Vending Machine | opening (exhibition runs till 18.11)
IT! The Worst Magazine Ever POLAND | promotion of art book (accessible in bookstore till 18.11)

11 November 2011, 6 p.m.
OSKAR DAWICKI | performance

12 November 2011, 6 p.m.
ŁUKASZ GORCZYCA Behind the Large Pane of Glass. Polish display windows from modernism until today | lecture
AGNIESZKA SURAL The Pervert’s Guide to Witryna | lecture

WITRYNA Madrid-Tokyo-Moscow is a gallery project in display window, vending machine, and bookstore. After the exhibition in Madrid, gallery invites to Tokyo two artists and one curator and represents 40 other persons involved in the project. Witryna will be presented in Villa Tokyo in Chuo-ku (Chuo-district), an international joint project of a common place between 17 art galleries. Visitors are invited to have for free an exceptional guide of Poland in English, and to buy good and cheap art objects. Public can see a special performance by Oskar Dawicki, listen to two lectures, or even can come!

Oskar Dawicki | PERFORMANCE
“…Each performance by Oskar Dawicki begins in an almost identical manner. A microphone and a chair with the performer’s glittered jacket thrown over it stand on the illuminated stage. The artist enters the stage and puts on the jacket—now the performance begins. Oskar starts by delivering or playing back an opening speech: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Oskar Dawicki. I came from Warsaw [or Poland]…”

(This is an excerpt from the book Half-empty (W połowie puste) by Łukasz Gorczyca and Łukasz Ronduda.)

Maryna Tomaszewska Art Vending Machine | EXHIBITION
Maryna Tomaszewska is going to lend a vending machine, one of the most common elements of the contemporary Japanese culture. Artist offers and sells from the machine art objects made by contemporary Polish artists and foreign guests. Just come and get it—good art and great prices!

IT! The Worst Magazine Ever POLAND | ART BOOK PREMIERE
POLAND is the fifth issue of the magazine IT! The Worst Magazine Ever, founded and run by artist Maryna Tomaszewska. It is a collection of texts and works by 30 contributors in the form of an art book. Everything you didn’t want to know about Poland.

Łukasz Gorczyca Behind the Large Pane of Glass Polish display windows from modernism until today | LECTURE
A visual essay on Polish shop windows, tracing the evolution of their form and function in the last hundred years. The display window as a tool of modern trade and a vehicule for communist propaganda. Contemporary display windows of the times of small business and free market. Artists and display windows—for money and for art. The death of the display window.

Agnieszka Sural The Pervert’s Guide to Witryna | LECTURE
All about the history of Witryna, a display window on one of the main squares in Warsaw. Witryna is a gallery project founded in 2007 by artist Julia Staniszewska and curator Agnieszka Sural. It is a non-commercial exhibition space, which presents artworks outside the traditional context of a museum or a gallery. This cabinet of contemporary art functions at the interface between institution and city space. It is open all day and night. The exhibition space is only six square meters. All works and performances displayed at Witryna are created with this particular place in mind. Architect Jan Strumiłło designed the commissioned module of the gallery.

WITRYNA Madrid-Tokyo-Moscow is organized by the Witryna Foundation from Warsaw.
This project is organized as part of the International Cultural Programme of the Polish EU Presidency co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.
Organizers: Polish Presidency 2011 – Promesa, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, I, Culture