Lauba House presents Zlatan Vehabović

Lauba House

October 18, 2011

Sweeping Confetti from the Floor of the Concrete Hole

6 October 2011–8 November 2011
Curators: Vanja Žanko & Mateja Kuka

Baruna Filipovića 23a
Zagreb, Croatia

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday and Sunday 3pm–11 pm
Saturday 11 am–11 pm
Last admission 10:30 pm

T  +38516 302 115
[email protected]

Lauba House is proud to present its first solo artist exhibition: a new series of work from one of Croatia’s most promising young artists, Zlatan Vehabović. Vehabović’s primary medium is painting. He approaches the exploration of narrative possibilities by using his experience of film, musical, philosophical and literary models. This working methodology based on narrative is also used in his latest cycle of works in which he problematises the darker sides of love and various psychological conditions affected by established but also un-established relationships.

(…) Zlatan Vehabović’s paintings are ambitious. However they are not ambitious in the sense of performance as a manual undertaking, nor as some pretentious symbolic imagery or complex concept. Instead they are ambitious in the amount of energy, systematic planning and blind trust put into the mediation of certain ideas, personal experiences, memories, emotions and images that allude to universal encoding, in the spheres of image and text equally.  This specific approach to mediation is maybe, in an experiential sense, closest to the concept of evocation, that is, evocation without interpretation. For Vehabović, paintings obviously have that magical ability, at least one step more mystical than narration. This is indicative of how the author monopolizes the interpretation of his own works, continuously and chronologically publishing texts on each painting in his blog ( In these reference texts he provides a clear emotional, cultural and literary context for each painting, not leaving much to chance or mystification.

The ambition of Vehabović’s approach lies in the fact that he does not execute his articulation in an expressive way, but through long-term and systematic planning—each painting is a project, that looks for new solutions, while keeping all other channels wide open: music, films, books, intimacy, Internet, etc.  In the era of blogs and social networks, the era that has, in a way, disciplined us again in terms of verbalization and other means of the articulation of our own subject, Vehabović is only trying out an old, but still very effective, channel of communication (…)*

The exhibition will be presented in the main atrium of the Lauba House along with the current hanging of the [Non]/permanent exhibition display. For its opening, Lauba is showing a combination of works from the Filip Trade Collection and works of current art production. The boundaries between the collection exhibition and temporary exhibitions are erased, the exhibitions coexist and bring out the best out of each other. Works by the younger and middle generation of artists finally have their exhibition space in the city. Lauba presents their current work, but also serves as a laboratory for art experiments and a place of cultural innovation. Artists with whom Lauba collaborates also create parts of the accompanying programs, contributing with their own knowledge and skills.
—Excerpt from the catalogue text by Marko Golub

This exhibition is accompanied by the program:
11/10 at 21h Artist Talk with Marko Golub and Zlatan Vehabović
15/10 at 15h Family Weekend! Workshop for kids
08/10 at 21h Poetry Reading by Marko Pogačar
Catalogue texts: Marko Golub and Marko Pogačar
Translation and proofreading: Zana Šaškin, Dunja Bahtijarević, Susan Jakopec, Jelena Graovac and
Rebecca McKay
Production Assistant: Dominik Markušić
Documentation: Damir Žižić