Jeff Wall’s new edition at BeLa Editions Gallery, Brussels

BeLa Editions Gallery

October 4, 2011

16 September–22 October 2011

BeLa Editions Gallery
28, rue Lens
1050 Brussels

info [​at​]
T +32 475 713517

Bela Editions is pleased to present Jeff Wall’s new edition. This edition belongs to a series of  “Shop window” photographs taken by the artist during the last 30 years. The first one (1977) has been published in the catalogue of Jeff Wall’s exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Toronto, 1979.  These images invoke the history of the surrealist erotic spectacle and display of Parisian shop windows (and Walter Benjamin’s essays of the Parisian arcades in early twentieth century), the artist’s self-conscious awareness of the act of looking and the image of woman as muse and consumer object.

Since it was created in 2007, BeLa Editions is a gallery that produces and exhibits contemporary artist multiples. Our purpose is to ask guest artists to conceive a specific edition project that would be represented by a very limited number of artworks. BeLa Editions therefore proposes to art collectors, works that are characterized by their quality, the diversity of their material supports and are representative of the requirement to create close collaboration and effective dialogue with the artists.

Artists: Saâdane Afif, Carla Arocha & Stephane Schraenen, Lucia Bru, Daniel Buren, Franck Christen, Vaast Colson, Kristien Daem, Denicolai/Provoost, Damien De Lepeleire, Lionel Estève, Michel François, Ann Veronica Janssens, Koen Van den Broeck, Lawrence Weiner, Sophie Whettnall

Upcoming edition: Bernard Bazile