Onomatopee’s Dutch Design Week Programme

Onomatopee, Eindhoven / The Netherlands

October 3, 2011

A progressive bundle of practice-based positions!

22 October–30 October 2011

Bleekstraat 23
5611VB Eindhoven
The Netherlands


From within and around its project space, Onomatopee presents series of projects that pose questions about the future of our designed culture. Onomatopee reaches out with sensually stimulating projects—literally and figuratively. This programme manifests itself as an alternative festival within the realm of Dutch Design Week; unique in that Onomatopee challenges an audience of both professionals in the field and the general public, to experience their perceptions at a fundamental level and to question their position in relation to designed culture.

Thanks to the many individuals and organisations collaborating with Onomatopee, there are a huge number of projects in the pipeline for 2011. Each project’s thematic framework, which catalyzes both products and processes, conspicuously counters the logic of the market using progressive perspectives and materializations—all stemming from personal involvement and an urge to foster socially sustainable public interest. Engagement to shape up the world!

Onomatopee 71: Research Project
Public opinion-forming as citizenship? The word is belongs to the individual!
In THE VOICE OF… citizens and alternative communicators join forces to give individual voices a position on the public stage!
Among others: Bayrol Jimenez (MEX), Candy Chang (VS), Cedric Geney (FR), Frank Peeters (NL), Freee (UK), Harmen de Hoop (NL), Julien Beneyton (FR), Rachid Ben-Ali (NL), Tsang Kin-Wah (HK).
and: teams of individual citizens and graphic designers:
Curator/editor: Freek Lomme
Graphic design publication: Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen
Architecture/spatial design: Open Architecture Office (Omayra Mingels, Floor Frings and Jan Schevers)
Text: Angelika Burtscher, Patricia Reed and Freek Lomme

Onomatopee 62: Cabinet / Research Project
Krak: workmanship and mastership, passing the test.
An innovative chain of progressive cultural production—from the workshop to a progressive platform!
Informing about the extraordinary value of the experiment in the production of ceramics and the presentation of its standpoints.
With: Maaike Roozenburg, Tilmann Meyer-Faje, Irene Kopelman and Tim Breukers.
Curators/editors: Freek Lomme and Ranti Tjan
Exhibition design: Lara de Greef
Graphic design publication: Remco van Bladel
Text: Freek Lomme and Ranti Tjan
Photography: Wim Voets
Partner organisation: [email protected]

Onomatopee 70: Cabinet / Research Project
Copy Nature #2: Elementary Sentiments
A cultivation of elementary value(s) in an era of financial-economic scarcity.
Beeldenstorm artists’ workshop, and Onomatopee present 10 talented designers who add extra cultural value by developing the economic durability of raw materials: metal+sentiment.
With: Alexander Pelikan, Mieke Meijer, Max Lipsey, Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders, BCXSY, Rachel Griffin, Julien Carretero and Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence.
Curators/editors: Ellen Zoete, Freek Lomme, Lex van Lith and Max Lipsey
Exhibition design: Daphna Laurens
Graphic design publication: Raw Color
Text: various
Partner organisation: Beeldenstorm

Onomatopee 60: Research Project
Onomatopee gives insight into, and an overview of, 5 years of dynamic partnerships in designing culture. A variety of voices have united in this platform for progressive cultural production—putting our culturally designed mentality, its politics and possibilities, on the agenda.
Curator/editor: Freek Lomme
Graphic design publication: Eric de Haas
Text: various writers
Partner organisation: Van Abbemuseum
Sponsor: Lecturis Printers

Onomatopee 50.7: NEST project
Comfort zone & disillusion #3: Nacho Carbonell
What is (still) natural in our experience economy?
Curator/editor: Freek Lomme and Ellen Zoete
Graphic design publication: Raw Color
Partner organisation: Royal College of Arts, Design and Art Criticism department, London

Onomatopee 55.1: Cabinet Project
Field Essays#1: Jonathan Muecke (VS)
The design process unveiled.
Curator/editor: Sophie Krier
Graphic design publication: Rene Put and Andreas Tscholl
Designer in focus: Jonathan Muecke (VS)



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The Onomatopee Dutch Design Week programme is supported by:
The Mondriaan Foundation, BKKC/Province of North Brabant, Eindhoven City Council,
Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling Subsidie Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam and the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund