Dispatches and Directions: On Artist-Run Organizations in Los Angeles


July 8, 2011

Dispatches and Directions:
On Artist-Run Organizations in Los Angeles

AN ART2102 Project
Edited by Ronni Kimm and Jesse Aron Green


ART2102 is pleased to present Dispatches and Directions: On Artist-Run Organizations in Los Angeles, a compendium of works, thoughts, essays and a directory of artist-run and nonprofit projects in Los Angeles.


Over the past several years ART2102 has acted as a platform for artists and curators in Los Angeles to realize their projects and exhibitions. From its space in Boyle Heights, ART2102 hosted a vibrant program known for its open cultural discourse and flexibility of ideas, and for engaging both local and international artists at various stages in their careers. Gradually, ART2102 moved away from this physical site as its programming and initiatives engaged with the large network of other artists-run spaces across Los Angeles and Southern California.

Dispatches and Directions, the final publication and project of ART2102, does not simply document this history, but also emulates the organization’s role as a platform and a network by spotlighting a number of artists-run collaborations in Los Angeles. The publication not only provides space in which these organizations describe their work, but also looks at the legacy of ART2102 in light of the diverse range of programming emulated by these groups.

The publication, edited by Ronni Kimm and Jesse Aron Green, features contributions from eight artist-run projects, including Artist Curated Project, Esthetics as a Second Language, Genesis Project Los Angeles, MATERIAL, Monte Vista, Slab, Telic Arts Exchange, and Wildness.

Also included are thoughts and anecdotes by ART2102′s past directors and board members: Kate Fowle, Rika Hiro, Songmi Huff, Thomas Lawson, Paul McCarthy, Yoshua Okon, Renaud Proch and Erlea Maneros Zabala; an essay by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer; a directory of over 60 artist-run and non profit organizations; and a specially commissioned ‘Star Chart’ to help navigate the scene, by artist Jim Skuldt.

The publication was designed in collaboration with Willem Henri Lucas. Dispatches and Directions is distributed in North America by Textfield, Inc.


In conjunction with the launch events, some of the most interesting artists and organizers in Los Angeles were invited to participate in a public symposium. Taking place in multiple venues throughout the city, artist-organizers were invited to  address a diversity of topics including performance, space and community; artist as curators; Los Angeles as a productive space; the activity of collectivity; notions of independence; artist-run journals and publications; and artist-run collaboratives and commercial spaces.


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