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June 27, 2011



NO. 3, 2011

In the summer issue of Metropolis M you will find analyses of the growing interest in amateur artists, the economic crisis as seen through artists’ eyes, the artist as ‘sender’, who must also learn to be a ‘receiver’, and, of course, a good deal about this summer’s biggest art event, the 54th Venice Biennale. 

Interview with Bice Curiger
Bice Curiger, curator of the central exhibition ILLLUMInations at the Venice Biennale, speaks of her roots, her other activities and her ambitions. Read the complete interview 

Realpopulism in the Netherlands
Dutch sociologist Willem Schinkel has penned an essay on national identity, cultural relativism and the politicization of culture under the influence of populism in the Netherlands. 

Scouting: Petrit Halilaj & Ola Vasiljeva
Our scouting section offers a brief look at promising young artists in the Netherlands and around the world. Read the complete text on Petrit Halilaj 

Profession: Dilettante
Amateurism is flourishing in art. American artist Jim Shaw is second to none at making a work of art look amateurish. An interview on his multifaceted practice and fictitious religion, Oism. 

Not for Sale
In the wake of the economic crisis, a generation of artists is focusing on the economy and its various manifestations. They offer us searching analyses, but also alternatives. With Zachary Formwalt, amongst others. 

Raphaël Zarka
The French artist Raphaël Zarka collects forms, including the complex geometric figure known as the rhombicuboctahedron. This summer, he is showing his latest film at Stroom in The Hague. 

Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson
Rotterdam-based artists Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson are representing Iceland at the Venice Biennale. Central to their work: an island under construction and how it can effectively engage with art. 

Art & Cybernetics
Thanks to the enormous growth of new social media, cybernetics is basking in all the interest it is receiving. High time to take a closer look at the principles of this information theory developed in 1940s. 

Curated: Daragh Reeves
In his work, usually installations, the British artist Daragh Reeves often refers to cinema. So, too, in his visual contribution for the artist’s pages of this issue. 

Sharjah Biennial
A review on the 10th Sharjah Biennial. Read the complete text

And further (Dutch only):
The secret power of the collector’s exhibition; a remake of the controversial New Topographics (1975) in Rotterdam; the Young Belgian Painters Award; columns; previews; reviews. 

Cutbacks in culture: daily updates on Metropolis M is shocked by the draconian cutbacks that the Dutch government intends to carry out in the area of art and culture, which, as it looks now, will entail the closing of a multitude of small and midsized art institutions such as the Rijksakademie, De Ateliers, the Jan van Eyck Academy and SKOR. News and opinions on the planned cuts and protest actions can be found at our website

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