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May 10, 2011



No. 2, 2011


As each new day finds the media announcing yet another disaster, Metropolis M presents an issue focussed on failure. Our current fixation on failure proves to be less of a trend than we might have thought: it has a very long tradition in art.

Disaster Tourism
What is the sense of failing? A recently published book about failure in art gives an excellent overview. Read the complete article

Art and the Fear of Failure
Born under Saturn, as the annals of art history would have it, the doubts that fill artists’ lives are reflected in their art. Antje von Graevenitz considers a long tradition in art.

Nicoline van Harskamp
In a special contribution, the Dutch artist Nicoline van Harskamp makes a frenetic attempt to portray the fictitious life of a libertarian communist.


Christopher Williams
He is the photographer with the flawless images and extremely long captions. An in-depth portrait on the occasion of Christopher Williams’s exhibition in Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Deurle, Belgium.

Dutch Photography Books
No other Dutch art book is as popular as the photography book: an inventory of a genre that is alive and flourishing.

Curated: Pablo Bronstein
His seemingly dated drawings of baroque and neoclassical buildings with decorative frills are a striking anachronism in the age of modern media. Pablo Bronstein created the visual artist’s section for this issue.

The Exhibition as Milestone
Afterall Books have launched a new series of case studies on exhibitions. An interview with Teresa Gleadowe, Research Consultant and Series Editor. Read the complete interview

History-Maker James Beckett
South-African born, Amsterdam-based James Beckett, known for his obscure sound installations, is developing into an artist with a great sense of theatre and history.

Scouting: Hedwig Houben & Jean-Baptiste Maitre
Each issue of Metropolis M will now include a brief look at promising young artists in the Netherlands and around the world. Read the complete text on Hedwig Houben

Column: BAVO
Dutch research bureau BAVO reflects on the possibilities for political art in times of political populism. Read the complete text

And also (Dutch only):
A preview of the 2011 Prix de Rome; an advance publication of a chapter from Michel Houellebecq’s new book; art and crowd sourcing; an interview about the All about Drawing exhibition in Schiedam; reviews on Move in London and Munich, Mike Cooter in Amsterdam, Hito Steyerl in Rotterdam, David Shrigley in Leuven, and Chto Delat? in Amsterdam.

Daily updates on Upcoming:
Reviews on Glenn Ligon: AMERICA and ISCP Spring Open Studios in New York; an interview about the first Amsterdam Art/Book Fair; a report from the Berlin Gallery Weekend, and more.

Metropolis M is a bimonthly, bilingual magazine on contemporary art (NL/ENG) based in the Netherlands. Metropolis M is available in shops and museums across Europe, or can be purchased at our online store