Luis Adelantado Valencia: Open for Applications—Annual International Call For Young Artists

Luis Adelantado Gallery

May 8, 2011

Open for Applications  
Annual International Call For Young Artists

Thirteenth EDITION

Until 31 May 2011

Luis Adelantado Valencia, Spain

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T +34 963 51 01 79 
F +34 963 51  29 44

We would like to inform you about the 13th edition of the “International Call for young artists” that Luis Adelantado Valencia holds every year at the Gallery

The call is born with the firm commitment to promote and to support the artistic creation, as well as to promote all those new media that shape our contemporaneousness.

Through this competition, our intention is to get in touch with the new generation of artists and to give them the opportunity to develop their work in a professional environment. At the same time this is an opportunity for the gallery to know by first hand, what is going on in the area of the most contemporary art. The idea of the CALL is to create a line of collaboration with new artists that can end up forming part of the group of the artists of the gallery.

A lot of artists that have passed though the gallery during all these years, and just to name some of them; Dylan Graham (New Zealand), Pedro Valdez Cardoso (Portugal), Martin Skauen (Norway), Aggtelek (Spain), Máximo Gonzalez (Mexico), Pilar Albaracín (Spain), Matias Duville (Argentina), Fermín Jimenez Landa, (Spain), Hisae Ikenaga (Mexico), Samuel Labadie, etc…and many of them work with us now: Emilio Valdes, Morten Slettemeas, Jason Mena, Iris Van Dongen, Marcos Castro, Bayrol Jiménez, Diego Bianchi, Oscar Carrasco, Oswaldo Ruíz….