For sale in Utrecht, Netherlands

Atelier Van Lieshout

January 10, 2011

Living in a work of art, it is possible. In Utrecht you can have a detached villa built by Atelier Van Lieshout Van Lieshout (Atelier Van Lieshout). It is the very first house that the Rotterdam studio of Joep van Lieshout has designed. The fanciful cocoon-like house has yet to be realized. The sale of Villa Sculptura has already started. The sales price starts at 1 million Euros, depending on the living area and the finishing.

No hightech computer blob
With the design of Villa Sculptura, Atelier Van Lieshout reacts to the high-tech, computer-drawn blobs that are now the trend in architecture. The design is made in the recognizable style of Atelier Van Lieshout, and at the same time it also complies with all modern and legal demands that are required of houses.

Harrie Bosch, elderman: ‘Villa Sculptura is exclusively realized by Van Lieshout on this location in assignment of Utrecht city council. A previous version had already been made in assignment of art programme Beyond Leidsche Rijn, which had the wish to add to the neighbourhood a house with a special meaning.’ Villa Sculptura will be realized at the location Parkzichtlaan, on the edge of Leidsche Rijn Park and along the banks of the historic Oude Rijn River. The villa will be surrounded by ten detached, white houses.

Traditional building
Villa Sculptura is a traditional building. After construction of the house has been realized, Joep van Lieshout, as a sculptor, will shape the outer layer. A steel frame, which is filled up with polyurethane foam, is also the basis of an additional insulation layer. This will be covered by a polyurea coating finished with Redox Pur Finish gloss. This layer will provide the ‘Hard Shell’ look. K.O.W. Architects from The Hague are responsible for the architectural drawing which complies with all legal demands. In collaboration with the future owner, Atelier Van Lieshout will adjust the design of the house to the owner’s specific wishes. The building of the villa will take between six and nine months.

About the sale
People interested in buying the villa can purchase the lot of 900m2 and the design. With this purchase they take on the commitment to have the villa built. The price—lot and building—starts at 1 million Euros, depending on size and finishing. The ground lease will be perpetual. In the approximately 275 m2 net floor area, a maximum of 80 m2 of business accommodation can be realized.

More information can be obtained via People interested in buying the property can contact Johan Blom Real Estate; 0031 30 2735302 or 0031 6 51573379 and info [​at​]

Studio Van Lieshout
Joep van Lieshout lives and works in Rotterdam. Since the early 1980s, he has created works of art that are mostly made of brightly coloured polyester. In the following years this material became the trademark of his works. In 1995 he founded Atelier Van Lieshout which undermines the myth of the individual artistic genius. Atelier Van Lieshout has gained international fame for its objects, which are a cross between autonomous art, architecture and design. Van Lieshout’s works are practical and uncomplicated. Recurring themes in the works of Atelier Van Lieshout are autarky, power, politics and the more classic themes of life and death. The works of Atelier Van Lieshout are part of many private collections and various museums across the world.

Villa Sculptura
Parkzichtlaan, Utrecht, Netherlands

Image above:
Atelier Van Lieshout.